Do-It-Yourself Werewolf Kit – novelty items



The Do-It-Yourself Werewolf Kit was an American set of novelty items sold in 1964 for one dollar by Victor Specialities – who also sold a vampire version – of Derby, Connecticut. In return for this vast sum purchasers were promised ‘…the thrill of a deathtime! Become a werewolf and take the whole family out for a bite … you can crawl from the noxious slime of foul fantasy as you mouth the spell and the evil transition takes place that will turn YOU into a creature from the Tombs of Horror… a Werewolf!’

Besides the step-by-step instructions for ‘changing a human being into a WEREWOLF!’ customers also got a calendar showing the Full Moon and New Moon for all 12 months, a ‘learned treatise on the subject of Lycanthropy and some fangs ‘for those who have trouble growing their own.’ Plus, six photos of ‘the world’s all-time favorite wolfmen.’

How could anyone not be disappointed with this kit? Well, unless they actually expected that they could turn into a werewolf, of course.