FROM THE DARK (2014) Reviews and overview



 ‘Pray for dawn.’

From the Dark is a 2014 Irish horror film directed by Conor McMahon (Let the Wrong One In; Stitches; The Disturbed; Dead Meat).

The movie stars Niamh Algar, Stephen Cromwell, Ged Murray, and Gerry O’Brian.



A couple on a trip through the Irish countryside find themselves hunted by a creature who only attacks at night…



From the Dark is a taut, coiled piece of dread-infused cinema that may not rewrite the book on creature horror, but absolutely delivers everything one could hope for from a fresh entry in that subgenre.’ Fangoria

“Familiar territory, admittedly, but it’s still edge-of-the-seat exciting, visceral and at times uncomfortably tense. Where Stitches had its tongue firmly in its cheek, From the Dark is determinedly no laughing matter and it’s all the better for its uncompromising, gritty bleakness and refreshing simplicity. It’s a little gem well worth keeping an eye out for.” Starburst

from the dark 2

“It’s an accessible monster movie for mainstream audiences, which translates into redundant normalcy for hardcore horror fans. Unfortunately, you’re probably better left in the dark on this one, no matter how dangerous the shadows are perceived to be.” We Got This Covered

from 4

“McMahon directs with a real confidence and in his writing he displays a true understanding of drama, as well as what genre fan boys and girls will demand from the experience … It’s a very accomplished piece of cinema and the setting of the Irish peat farm means that From the Dark lends the vampire sub-genre something we haven’t seen before…” Nerdly

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