BIGFOOT (2006) Reviews and overview

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Bigfoot is a 2006 American comedy horror feature film written and directed by actor Bob Gray (Stepfather II; Zombie Apocalypse). The movie stars Todd Cox, Liza Foster, Bob Gray, Brooke Beckwith, Saverio Marinelli, Robert Antonelli, Bettina Steinmetz, Van Jackson and Skip Corris.


The film was picked up for distribution on DVD and online by Troma Entertainment.



Jack Sullivan has been discharged from the military after a lengthy court marshal for striking a superior officer. Along with his nine-year-old daughter Charlie, the two move back to Jack’s childhood home of Mentor Headlands, a small town located in Northeastern Ohio’s marshlands. As familiar as the Headlands are to Jack, he is struck by all the new development and the loss of woods and marsh he used to play in as a child.


Shortly after arriving at the house, he inherited after his father passed away, Jack is reunited with his old friend Bob Perkins, who is now the Sheriff. Bob is in the midst of trying to figure out what has been killing and mutilating the local animal population.

Over the last week, several deer have been found dead and mutilated and with the help of Park Ranger Sandy Parker; the two have concluded that a bear must have wandered into the area. This theory makes sense to Jack until he sees something standing in the fog – a Bigfoot…

Bigfoot Filmography

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“Despite being shot on digital and featuring a healthy dose of gore, Bigfoot feels like it would fit right in had it been made back in the 1970s when Bigfoot flicks were last in abundance. It’s a small film that’s far from perfect but has the homespun feel of an old fashioned regional production, the kind that once occupied space on drive-in movie screens and is looked back upon nostalgically today.” Dread Central


“The performances are okay but nothing spectacular. The monster suit is good, but that’ll only take you so far. The humor is inoffensive and good-natured, but not particularly memorable. The direction is capable but pretty static.” Mad Mad Mad Mad Movies



“Outside of a few good laughs and some over the top science cheese in an effort to explain Mr. Foot, Bigfoot is slow and overlong […] Keep all your sub-plots and love interests; they work! Just thin them out and give the film a good bit of editing and a monster that is pissed off and violent.” Cinema Fromage


Main cast and characters:

Todd Cox … Jack Sullivan
Liza Foster … Sandy Parker
Bob Gray … Bob Perkins
Brooke Beckwith … Charlie Sullivan
Saverio Marinelli … Deputy Bukowski
Robert Antonelli … Barkley Hurd
Bettina Steinmetz … Kathy Perkins
Van Jackson … George Hobson
Skip Corris … Monroe Fletcher
Lissy Gulick … Loretta Fletcher
Wes Shofner … Quincy Glasscock M.E.
Shawn Kipp … Bigfoot
Dave Moody … Coach
Tina Thompkins … Deputy Johnson
Daniela Mangialardo … Deputy Morris
Donna Balogh … Donna
Paul Papes … Chico
Marco Guerrieri … Thumbs
Deanna Costa … Waitress

Filming locations:

Mentor, Ohio

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