German Angst – Germany, 2015 – overview and reviews



German Angst is a 2015 German horror anthology feature film written and directed by Jörg Buttgereit (SchrammNekromantik), Michal Kosakowski and Andreas Marschall.

With a ‘fil rouge’ of old images of Berlin scariest architecture, the film is built around three tales. The first episode, tells the story of a young girl who lives alone with her guinea pig in a dirty apartment in Berlin … is she alone? In the bedroom lies a man, bound and gagged …


The second episode tells about a powerful ‘if-only’ scenario in which a young deaf-mute couple is attacked by a group of hooligans. However, they are in possession of a mysterious talisman that could help them …


In the last episode, a man stumbles upon a secret club that promises the ultimate sensual experience by using a drug made from the roots of the legendary Mandragora plant. The resulting ecstatic experiences have unfortunate horrific side effects …


“All in all, German Angst mostly works well, both as a set of individual episodes and as a whole film. You will need a tough stomach though, some patience, and possibly a thick skin as well. Rotterdam audiences awarded the film a 3.5 out of 5, and that’s quite a respectable score for a film this gory and divisive.” Ard Vijn, Twitch Film

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