A VENGEFUL HEART (2014) Vietnamese horror



A Vengeful Heart – aka Bloody Heart and original title: Quả tim máu – is a 2014 Vietnamese supernatural horror feature film directed by Victor Vũ (Blood Letter) based on a play of the same name by Thai Hoa, who also has a role in the movie. It also stars stars Nha Phuong, Hoang Bach, Quy Binh, Tu Vi, Kim Xuan.


The movie grossed 91 billion đồng (US$4.3m) in Vietnam making it the highest-grossing Vietnamese film at the time. Twitch quoted director Victor Vũ as saying: “At first, when the information came, I couldn’t believe my eyes and thought they had sent the wrong number. This number is really impressive, because I did not expect the audience to receive this movie so warmly. I would like to thank audiences for supporting this film.”


Son (Hoang Bach), a husband that live with his wife’s family, which is supposed to be bad for a Vietnamese man, takes care of his wife, Linh (Nha Phuong), after her heart transplant surgery in a Da Lat resort. It seems that Linh’s new heart is beating strangely, as if it’s cursed and inconsolable for revenge. A white shadow of a young girl ghost leads the couple to find out the truth of a secret underneath an abandoned house…


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