Lumberjack Man – USA, 2015 – overview and reviews


‘Welcome to summer camp’

Lumberjack Man is a 2015 comedy slasher horror feature film directed and edited by Josh Bear from a screenplay by Matt Entin and Ed Kuehnel.


The movie stars Michael Madsen (SpeciesPiranhaconda; Magi), Hector Becerra, Jasmin Carina, Wray Crawford, Alex Dobrenko (Bloody Homecoming), Ciara Flynn, Zach Guerrero, Chase Joliet (Zombex), Jarrett King.


As the staff of Good Friends Church Camp prepares for a spring break filled with “Fun Under the Son”, a demon logger rises from his sap boiler to wreak his vengeance and feast on flapjacks soaked in the blood of his victims…



“The ending has a great payoff and the entire ride was fun. The actors all did a great job and really committed themselves to their roles. Lumberjack Man is a fun, horror-comedy hybrid that shouldn’t be missed.” Scott Shoyer, Anything Horror

“Of course, not every scene is quotable and laugh-out-loud funny, but the film has more than enough charm to make up for this. The comedy and deaths were immensely entertaining without sacrificing quality filmmaking. Every aspect of the movie seemed well executed and thought out.” Luiz H.C., Bloody Disgusting

“Cinematography was pretty darn good. It was a professional effort and nothing felt low budget or amateur. With a solid soundtrack, effects and quality acting from all the actors involved, Lumberjack Manwas a surprisingly solid effort in this regard.” Dan Caps, Horror News






Choice dialogue:

“I swear you are the most spineless, ineffectual piece of shit I have ever met. And guess what? Your dick is small!”

Filming locations:

Austin, Texas, USA


Lumberjack Man was released October 16, 2015 at After Dark Films ‘8 Films to Die For’ festival with 20th Fox Home Entertainment handling all ancillary forms of media, including Digital HD, DVD and VOD.


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