976-EVIL II (1992) Reviews and overview



‘Call if you dare!’
976-EVIL II, also known as 976-EVIL 2: The Astral Factor, is a 1992 supernatural horror slasher film directed by Jim Wynorski (Chopping Mall; Not of This Earth; Gila!).


Biker Spike battles the supernatural in a small Californian college town. Someone is killing college co-eds. Robin, a pretty student, learns that her dean, Professor Grubeck, is a ghost using astral projection and a satanic 976 “horrorscope” hotline to kill students…


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976-EVIL II is more entertaining than its predecessor. Neither are particularly great films and this one is rife with flaws in logic, but infamous director Jim Wynorski takes the reigns from Englund and delivers a film that just doesn’t give a damn to be anything but barely competent whenever there’s downtime between its death sequences.” Oh, the Horror!


“A lot of people have this misguided notion that the 1980s ended when the calendar flipped over to 1990. However, as 976-EVIL 2 constantly points out, the spirit of the 1980s burned bright well into the ’90s. The idea that the cultural temperament of a particular era changes overnight is ridiculous.” House of Self Indulgence


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Cast and characters:
Debbie James as Robin
Rene Assa as Mr. Grubeck
Patrick O’Bryan as Spike
Philip McKeon as Taylor
Leslie Ryan as Paula
Brigitte Nielsen as Agnes
Rod McCary as Doctor Jamison
Paul Coufos as Stone
Karen Mayo-Chandler as Laurie
George ‘Buck’ Flower as Turrell
Sigal Diamant as Barmaid
Joy Ballard as Stripper
Yavone Evans as reporter
Eric Anjou as detective
Angela Gordon as cashier
Christopher Garr as Skeech

Choice dialogue:
‘Welcome to my Hell’
‘What are you, the Easy Rider or the Galloping Gourmet?’

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