JAWS OF THE SHARK (2012) Reviews and overview



Jaws of the Shark is a 2012 Swedish comedy horror film about a genetically enhanced man shark, created by a mad scientist that causes death and destruction… And the man shark wields a chainsaw!

Directed by Gustav Ljungdahl from a screenplay co-written with Jesper Danielsson and Christoffer Vedin.

The Yellow Pig Productions movie stars Christoffer Vedin, Elsa Storgärds, Paul Willers, producer Jesper Danielsson, Karin Lindqvist and Joakim Paronen.


“The laughs at its own expense is certainly purposefully done and it’s all but winking at you from frame one. Maybe not something one wants out of satisfying and enriching cinema, but for degenerates wanting to laugh at a shark made out of what feels like reversed carpet samples throwing rubber body parts around for barely an hour, it’s all you need.” Dustin Baker

“When a film like this clearly sets out to be “so bad it’s good” with overtly self-aware referential humor, it just comes off as forced and desperate to make up for its nonexistent budget and incompetent editing.” Kevin Almroth

“Ok, don’t expect the best creature feature ever when watching Jaws of the Shark […] and don’t expect any fancy special effects either, as even the monster suit looks a tad sub-standard – but the movie has never set out to be anything of grandeur, instead deliver some sci-fi/horror/slasher spoof entertainment that’s first and foremost to deliver laughs, if at times of the gross-out variety – think Troma, maybe.” Search My Trash

Cast and characters (alphabetical):

Johan Ahlén … Stoner #2
Christopher Berglund … Blonde Sister’s Boyfriend / Forensic Officer #1
Jesper Danielsson … Shark With A Chainsaw / Gaelic Mermaid Hunter / Ghostface / Stoner #5 / Forensic Officer #2 / Midnight Lumberjack
Kjell Eriksson … Mad Scientist #1
Mimmi Gustafsson … Young Woman
Kaj Augustsson Hedman … Leatherface, Assisting Police Man
Daniel Holm … Mandatory Black Man
Natasha Svanof Jord … Stoner #4
Emelie Lampén … Lesbian Camper #1 / Stoner #1
Karin Lindqvist … Lifeguard
Gustav Ljungdahl … Michael Myers / News Anchor / Movie Announcer / Mad Scientist #2
Joakim Paronen … Comforting Police Man
Samantha Popov … Lesbian Camper #2
Anders Stangel … ‘Shroom Picking Man
Elsa Storgärds … Brunette Sister, Blonde Sister
Christoffer Vedin … Bror the Hunter / Jogger at the Beach / Jason
Niclas von Matern … Stoner #3
Paul Willers … Detective Tweed

Technical details:

63 minutes


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