The Last House on Cemetery Lane – UK, 2015 – reviews


‘Evil has a new home’

The Last House on Cemetery Lane is a 2015 British horror film written, produced and directed by Andrew Jones (The Amityville Asylum; The Midnight Horror Show; Robert the Doll). It is a North Bank Entertainment production.

Main cast:

Lee Bane, Vivien Bridson, Georgina Blackledge, Tessa Wood, Ian Grey, Ian Smyth, Kelly Jones.



Screenwriter John Davies has grown tired of living in London and moves to an old manor house in a sleepy West Wales village to get out of the rat race.

At first he enjoys himself, embracing the quieter pace of life and starting a relationship with his beautiful neighbour Cassie Konrad. But strange, unexplained occurrences begin to occur in the manor house. John discovers he is surrounded by a supernatural presence and begins to research the house’s past, discovering secrets more terrible than he ever imagined…

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“Jones throws every incongruous freaky thing he can think of into the film, including impromptu dentistry and the word MURDER written on a mirror in blood; I could forgive him for not explaining all these things, but he doesn’t even bother making them all feel like they belong in the same movie.” Daniel Lackey, The Nightmare Gallery

“If there’s one saving grace in The Last House on Cemetery Lane, it’s the acting. The cast Jones assembled have the chops to pull off the horror elements but the only problem is that they’re not given anything worthwhile to work with. They do their best to squeeze whatever they can from the material but as it’s very thin to begin with, there’s really not much they can do overall.” This Old Haunted House

Choice dialogue:

Mrs. Connelly, letting agent: “All that blood and violence isn’t my cup of tea.”


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