DISMEMBERING CHRISTMAS (2015) Reviews and overview



‘Deck the halls… with lots of bodies!’

Dismembering Christmas is a 2015 American horror film directed by Austin Bosley (Tahorror) from a screenplay by Steve Goltz (Hole in the Wall) and Kevin Sommerfield (Don’t Go to the Reunion). The film is a Slasher Studios production.

The movie stars Baker Chase Powell, Leah Wiseman, Danielle Doetsch, Nina Kova, Marla Van Lanen, Austin Bosley, Johnathon Krautkramer, Shannon McInnis, Jennifer Lenius, Scott Seagren.



At a vacation winter lake house, seven high school seniors are attacked by a madman out for revenge…


“While this film isn’t necessarily some epic groundbreaking, game-changing horror film, if you’re looking for a super fun Christmas-themed slasher film featuring a lot of imaginative kill scenes that was made with a lot of heart, this film will undoubtedly be your cup of tea.” The Blood Shed

“For such a low budget production, the film actually looks quite good. The filmmakers do a great job keeping everything simple and not trying to do too much. What we get here is a very straightforward and competently filmed slasher that moves along at a rapid pace, takes advantage of its short run time, and focuses on giving us some really fun and creative kills.” Morbidly Beautiful


Dismembering Christmas was a short, snappy and entertaining holiday-themed, slasher flick. A majority of the technical aspects were so professionally carried, made all the more impressive by the age and experience levels of Bosley and this entire group. The film looks and sounds great, the girls are gorgeous and most of the cast do their bit.” The Movie God

“A group of kids meet at a house to celebrate Christmas, drink heavily, say a lot of stupid crap and finally get picked off one by one by a killer that nobody sees or hears, even though he/she/it is in the same freakin’ house with them. Yeah, I know, El Diablo’s in the details, but trust me, the details ain’t cutting it.” Video Junkie


Filming locations:

Rhinelander, Wisconsin

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