EMELIE (2015) Reviews and overview

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‘I’m your new babysitter’

Emelie is a 2015 American horror film directed by Michael Thelin from a screenplay by Richard Raymond Harry Herbeck.

The movie stars Sarah Bolger (The Moth Diaries), Chris Beetem, Susan Pourfar, Joshua Rush and Carly Adams.


After their regular babysitter can’t make it, the Thompson family turns to her friend Anna to supervise the children while they go out to celebrate their anniversary…


Reviews [contains spoilers]:

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 15.23.15“Spotlessly shot, intimately disturbing and sporting a cast of youngsters that you can really get behind, Emelie is one fright flick that’s guaranteed to hit home… especially if you have kids.” Dread Central

“Sadly, the plot and its progression is what lets Emelie down somewhat. For as good as the first two-thirds of the film are, its predictable end, complete with hackneyed backstory and clichéd motivations really bog down what had been an incredible taut thriller.” Flickering Myth

“This is one damn fine thriller, acted faultlessly by the young cast and Sarah Bolger as Emelie is literally amazing as the psychotic young woman who wants a new ‘cubby’ […] It’s all very believable and quite frankly an outstanding piece of cinema.” The Fleapit Cinema


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” … the film is genuinely unsettling, tapping into any parents’ worst nightmares about leaving their children attended by someone they don’t really know. Thelin infuses the film’s brief running time with a real tension, aided by Bolger’s unsettling turn in the title role and the believably naturalistic performances by the child actors.” The Hollywood Reporter

” … this film is absolutely worth watching, not least for the truly disturbing way it puScreen Shot 2016-07-05 at 15.26.24shes the boundaries of the babysitter plot … And Sarah Bolger did a fantastic job of playing Emelie: she oozed lack of affect, a complete dearth of conventional sentimentality, and amorality for much of the film. Her performance is a tour de force.” Horror Homeroom

“It is, at times, a tough movie to sit through (which is the point) because Emelie becomes more and more unhinged, subjecting the children to some disturbing shit throughout the night. But where the film succeeds in creating a deeply unsettling atmosphere, it completely misses the mark in the final act.” The Missing Reel

” …once Emelie’s true intentions are revealed, nearly everything except the performances changes gears. The steady, disciplined direction goes handheld-heavy, and the script turns things into a dark Home Alone. […] It’s a jarring turn, and while still entertaining, feels like a bit of a let-down coming after that awesome first hour.” UK Horror Scene



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