CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT (1991) Reviews and overview

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‘Pray for dawn’

Children of the Night is a 1991 American horror film directed by Tony Randel (Hellbound: Hellraiser II; Amityville: It’s About Time; Ticks) from a screenplay written by Nicolas Falacci.

The movie stars Karen Black, Peter DeLuise, Ami Dolenz (Witchboard 2; Pumpkinhead II) and Garrett Morris.


Before going away to college, two childhood friends, Cindy Thompson and Lucy Barrett (Ami Dolenz) decide to symbolically cleanse themselves of the “dirt” of their small town by swimming laps in an abandoned church crypt. Lucy drops her crucifix necklace, which drifts down onto the submerged remains of an ancient vampire. Czakyr awakes and kills Cindy.

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Mark Gardner (Peter DeLuise), a school teacher from a nearby town, gets directed to Allburg by an old friend of his, Father Frank Aldin (Evan Mackenzie). Once there he tries to help Lucy, as she has now become the target of a town-turned-vampires, due to her “virgin blood”. Lucy, Mark, and a drunken preacher make camp in an abandoned building outside of town and make plans to fight the vampire army…

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“It’s certainly not the worst vampire movie ever made, but it gets a ribbon for participation. Ridiculous direction, a terrible script, and a passel of actors all vying to win the Shatner Award for Clinical Overacting are just the most basic of problems at hand here.” Classic Horror

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“It seems more inspired by films like The Lost Boys and Monster Squad than the older, darker vampire movies. Despite its R-rating, it’s a fun, nonsensical 90 minute ride through teenage vampire movie land, but with a professional look and feel to it.” The Trashy Horror Charlie Show

” … this film is a total mess from start to finish. It never knows whether it wants to be serious or super lighthearted. I like how they kept trying to rip off other horror movies especially with that wannabe Hellraiser soundtrack. You have way too many plot lines that amount to nothing leaving the audience with that script-in-a-blender sensation.” Ryan’s Movie Reviews

Children of the Night 2

“The entire film vies between moments of inspiration and silly campiness with no clear consistency of tone.” Moria


Cast and characters:

Karen Black … Karen Thompson
Peter DeLuise … Mark Gardner
Ami Dolenz … Lucy Barrett
Maya McLaughlin … Cindy Thompson
Evan MacKenzie … Frank Aldin
David Sawyer … Czakyr
Shirley Spiegler Jacobs … Grandma
Josette DiCarlo … Officer Gates
Lloyd J. Kalicki … Billy
Daniel Arthur Wray … Doc Fisher
Roger Perkovich … Gus Willman
Ray Maurin … Mayor Horton
Stacy Montezon … Jessica
Bekki Vallin … Jessica’s Mom
Butch Mounce … The Milkman


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