WHERE EVIL LIVES aka TRILOGY OF FEAR (1991) Reviews and overview



Where Evil Lives – aka Trilogy of Fear – is a 1991 American anthology horror feature film written and directed by Richard L. Fox (assistant director of Donnie Darko and The Woods), Stephen A. Maier and Kevin G. Nunan. It stars Claude Akins (The Night Stalker; The Norliss Tapes; Tentacles).


The film remained unreleased until 2012 when it was picked up for distribution by Troma Entertainment.


Jack Devlin (Akins), caretaker of the Spencer House State, reveals a grisly history of zombies, vampires, and witches to a prospective buyer…


“… Evil proves to be far from the best horror movie of the 80s (or 90s) and Troma yet again proves they’ll say just about anything to sell something. Surprisingly, two people involved in this one managed to go on to bigger and better things.” The Bloody Pit of Horror

Where Evil Dwells is not a good movie. The first tale was fun and made me think that the movie might have a chance to be a memorable anthology, but it quickly nosedived and was very tough to get through. It was really disappointing.” Scared Stiff Reviews

“In all honesty it’s not very good, but its fun all the same. For the most part the moviemakers seem to be trying to make something out of it, and they do a decent job creating some atmosphere. But at its core, it’s no-budget schlock that should entertain, but most probably be forgotten about by morning.” Todd Jordan, Rock! Shock! Pop!

Filming locations:

Stuart, Florida

Image credits: The Bloody Pit of Horror


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