The Windmill aka The Windmill Massacre – Netherlands, 2016 – reviews


‘This isn’t Hell. This is Holland’

The Windmill – aka The Windmill Massacre – is a 2016 Dutch supernatural horror feature film co-produced and directed by Nick Jongerius (producer of Frankenstein’s Army) from a screenplay written by Chris W. Mitchell and Suzy Quid, based on his storyline.


The movie stars Noah Taylor (ANNA; Red, White & Blue) Charlotte Beaumont, Patrick Baladi (Ripper Street; Demons Never Die), Ben Batt, Adam Thomas Wright, Fiona Hampton, Tanroh Ishida, Bart Klever, Mattijn Hartemink, Kenan Raven.


Jennifer is an Australian girl on the run from her past who washes up in Amsterdam. In a desperate attempt to stay one step ahead of the authorities, she joins a coach-load of tourists embarking on a tour of Holland’s world famous windmills.

When the bus breaks down in the middle of nowhere, she and the other tourists are forced to seek shelter in a disused shed beside a sinister windmill where, legend has it, a Devil-worshipping miller once ground the bones of locals instead of grain.



As members of the group start to disappear, Jennifer learns that they all have something in common – a shared secret that seems to mark them all for doom…

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“Fans of supernatural horror villains and gruesome gore will love it; no boobs, but this is still an R-Rated film that earns its designation with buckets of the wet stuff and F-bombs o’plenty. It isn’t challenging or harrowing—just a rocking good time horror fans will be glad they invested in.” Joshua Millican, Horrorfreak News

“This is a fun movie. It’s an astutely-directed and finely crafted piece of work; Jongerius knows what he’s doing and he orchestrates the tension and the scares brilliantly, to create a chilling and unnerving atmosphere … the script manages to surprise and keep the audience on their toes, second-guessing every now and then.” Awais Irfan, The Hollywood News


“It’s packed full to the brim with clichés, over-sentimentality and its journey is far from unpredictable, but beneath this mostly familiar façade there is an unmissable attempt to add a bit more pizzazz to the otherwise mindless killing of tourists abroad.” Jessy Williams, Scream magazine

“The gore onscreen is plentiful as characters lose limbs, or more importantly their head. There is a shocking finale, involving a chain and fire. And, The Windmill plays out much like haunted amusement ride, just with a few less bumps and scrapes.” Michael Allen, 28 Days Later Analysis


“It’s almost an old-fashioned gothic morality play slasher, using phscreen-shot-2016-11-29-at-15-31-15ysical gore effects, but spends as much time on its character-building as explicit disembowelling.” The Kim Newman Web Site

“The Miller meets all the horror requirements of a cracking killer … Fun and full of jumps and frights The Windmill Massacre will keep 80’s obsessed horror heads and new audiences alike happy giving both solid scares and laughs all wrapped in a surprisingly good storyline.”

“There’s a lot of time given over to exploring each character and Jongerius and his writers, Chris W. Mitchell and Suzy Quid, avoid generic archetypes in favour of more layered creations. It works well, but it does distract slightly from the horrors to come. Which is a shame because Jongerius and the production team have got some neat ideas.” Benedict Seal, Bloody Disgusting



“In which the spirit of Jean Brismee’s The Devil’s Nightmare is revisited with a Dutch setting and an almost Amicus feel … Old school Euro-horror done well, and a real treat for fans of this kind of thing.” John Llewellyn Probert, House of Mortal Cinema


In North America, the film was released on VOD on October 25 before hitting select theaters via XLrator Media.










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  1. im very confused ive watched the windmill massacre and it doesnt show the guy and girl getting hacked up who were from the tent did i miss something????

    1. Don’t waste your time in watching it. It was poorly edited and it wasn’t scary. I found the story line to be fractured.

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