POT ZOMBIES (2005) Reviews and overview



‘When they get the munchies… you get wasted!’

Pot Zombies is a 2005 American ‘comedy’ horror film directed by Justin Powers from a screenplay co-written with Joseph Amdahl, Chris Laster and Matt Powers. 

The film allegedly came about as part of Lloyd Kaufman’s ‘Make Your Own Damn Movie’ project to encourage young filmmakers by donating to their meagre production budget. Thanks, Lloyd.


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In 2012, Powers made a belated sequel, Pot Zombies 2: More Pot, Less Plot.

Main cast: 

Scott Krakowski, Brandon Schuster, Henry Martin, Craig Crowell, Chris Laster, Matt Powers, Angelo Christian, Kim Yeakel, Starla Anderson, Amy Powers, Amy Brown.


Radioactive weed turns people into zombies with the munchies for human flesh!



” …one big affectionate snicker at the parallels between potheads and zombies, however, we don’t get too many zingers throughout the film that specifically relate. Instead, writer/producer/director Justin Powers uses the movie as a wobbly platform to splatter blood, make gruelling noises on the soundtrack, blare death metal during carnivorous sequences… ” High Times


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“I don’t judge people for trying to make their own film, regardless of how much money they have. What I do judge is a film full of incoherent scenes of Pot Zombies, no real plot and a feeling of very little thought being put into it.” Mondo Bizarro


“Admittedly, the film has a certain Troma quality to it – boobs, tasteless gore, eye-rollingly bad humor, etc. And Lloyd Kaufman appears in two scenes as a retarded pizza delivery man, giving that added Troma feel. But, legitimate Troma productions also have narratives, fun cameos, and a shot of a blue car flipping over somewhere in New Jersey.” Horror Movie a Day


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“With humour that sinks way below the level of a horny juvenile and gore that’s subpar, Pot Zombies fails to succeed even on the level of so-bad-it’s-good.” Shirley Halperin, Steve Bloom, Reefer Movie Madness: The Ultimate Stoner Film Guide

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