INTERCHANGE (2016) Reviews and overview

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‘Where reality and folklore intersect.’

Interchange is a 2016 Malaysian supernatural noir thriller directed by Dain Iskandar Said from a screenplay co-written with Nandita Solomon, June Tan, Redza Minhat.

Forensic photographer Adam (Iedil Putra) has developed a hallucinatory condition and becomes a hermit in his own apartment. After a series of macabre ritual murders in the city, he accepts the prospects of one more investigation with his best friend and cop ‘Detective Man’ (Shaheizy Sam).

Adam befriends an ancient shaman, Iva (Prisia Nasution), along the way. Iva is on her own journey of trying to free the souls of her tribesmen which have been trapped in glass plate negatives. She is accompanied by the totem animal spirit of her tribe, Belian (Nicholas Saputra), who assumes a human form to keep her focused on her task.


However, Iva is not whom she seems, as Adam finds himself dragged deeper into the tangled web of murders, unable to claw his way out…

Interchange was released by XYZ Films on Amazon Instant, Amazon Prime, Vudu, Xbox and Google Play – on the February 16, 2018.


” …Interchange doesn’t fully succeed with its character motivations and some of its thriller aspects yet its marrying of genre with cultural spirituality is very intriguing. These elements tip it over into a dark fantasy at times and these changes will make the film an acquired taste to some, but it offers a fresh and exciting take on a familiar genre.” Cut Print Film

“I am left disappointed with Interchange. But that’s my fault. I had unrealistic expectations that it could never fulfill. I wanted it to be a movie and not an art-piece that by right should have been muted.” The Malay Male

“The film’s supernatural component is heightened by the appearance of Belian (Indonesian heartthrob Nicholas Suprata), a hooded figure with a beaky nose and talons in place of pinkies. Though the CG effects used to suggest his mutations are hit and miss, the creature design is strong, and his role in the film stands out forcefully…” Maggie Lee, Variety

Interchange’s noir drenched streets, all striking colours and contrasts, are a breath of dark, fresh air that will hopefully inspire other local filmmakers to attempt different approaches to filming the region. Aiming far, far higher than just another cookie cutter horror movie Said cannot be faulted for not creating a modern classic but Interchange is a great step along the way.” Ian McNally, The Hyped Geek

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