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B.C. Butcher is a 2016 American comedy horror film directed, co-written and co-produced by 17-year-old Kansas Bowling about a tribe of cavewomen being stalked by a prehistoric monster. It has been dubbed as “the first prehistoric slasher film”.Troma Entertainment head honcho Lloyd Kaufman co-produced with Bowling and B.C. Butcher was released in January 2016.

The movie stars Leilani Fideler, Natasha Halevi, Kato Kaelin, Kadeem Hardison and Rodney Bingenheimer. It also features a music video interlude by Los Angeles punk band The Ugly Kids.



After a group of contemptuous cavewomen torture and kill one of their own over a romantic betrayal, a disfigured loner, known only as The Butcher (Dwayne Johnson (not The Rock)), discovers and falls deeply in love with the mutilated corpse. He proceeds on a bloody path of revenge, picking off the sexy murderers one by one…



“The movie is flawed but it looks like it was fun to make and I imagine that if you are a fan of cute girls in leopard print and movies that are so corny that they feel like they come right off the kernel, than this film might be right off your alley. It is a Troma production and with that comes a certain quality you need to be prepared to experience.” HNN

“There are a few strong jokes, a lot of fun performance choices, and, yes, a ton of cheese. This isn’t a great film, but it’s a fun one, and it makes me excited to see what Bowling does next.” Jacob Romney


The kills are quick and cheap which is something that we never get from an actual Troma production. Overall, B.C. Butcher is one fun film. The film is a solid slasher with some laughs but is very weak when it comes to kills. If you are looking for a laugh and some over-dramatic characters then this film is for you!” Horror Society


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Cast and characters:

  • Leilani Fideler as Neandra
  • Natasha Halevi as Anaconda
  • Devyn Leah as Bamba
  • Molly Elizabeth Ring as Poppy
  • Miranda Robin as Dina
  • Kato Kaelin as Rex
  • Dwayne Johnson as the Butcher
  • Rodney Bingenheimer as himself
  • Parker Love Bowling as Po
  • Kadeem Hardison as the narrator

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