Nocturnal Activity aka The Haunting of Annie Dyer – UK, 2014 – reviews



‘It wants you… body and soul’

Nocturnal Activity is a 2014 British horror feature film written, executive produced and directed by Steve Lawson (KillerSaurus; Survival Instinct).

The movie stars Raven Lee, Toni Lou Frost, Jonathan Hansler (Axed; Convention of the Dead) and Steven Dolton (Zombie Undead; Devil’s Tower).




Annie Dyer (Raven Lee) moves into a new apartment and quickly discovers she is not alone; a malevolent spirit repeatedly attempts to seduce her in order to possess her body as a vessel to carry out its vengeful mission…



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“Relatively straightforward horror plot? Check. Plenty of nudity (“the cheapest special effect”)? Check. Long stretches of hot women sensually washing/exploring their bodies? Check. Absolutely minimal production design hidden behind lots of shot-reverse-shot close-ups? Check. Bit of blood and violence right at the end? Check.”MJ Simpson



“This movie is amateurish, badly written and incoherent. The female lead and the psychic investigator are so poor at acting that they wouldn’t even get a part in a school play. The so-called special effects are pathetic. It has only two good things going for it. One is the lighting, which is subtle and pleasing to look at. The other is Jonathan Hansler’s performance as the sleazy landlord.” Morgan Scorpion,

Filming locations:

London, England


In the UK, a ‘director’s cut’ of the film titled The Haunting of Annie Dyer was released by 88 Films on DVD on 26th September 2016.


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