THE GREASY STRANGLER (2016) Reviews and overview



The Greasy Strangler is a 2016 American comedy horror feature film directed by Jim Hosking from a screenplay co-written with Toby Harvard. It stars Michael St. Michaels, Sky Elobar and Elizabeth De Razzo.




Ronnie runs a disco walking tour with his son, Brayden. When an alluring woman comes to take the tour, it begins a competition between father and son for her attentions. It also signals the appearance of an oily, slimy inhuman maniac who stalks the streets at night and strangles the innocent, soon dubbed ‘The Greasy Strangler.’…



“It never blinks when one paired-off set of characters stomps around in the nude, incessantly chanting a childish rhyme in order to mock and irritate. That’s one of many setups this film plays out far past any logical limit — whether the joke comes back around to being funny will be a litmus test for your own comic boundaries.” Russ Fischer, IndieWire

“Admittedly this wont be for everyone and its a film that is going to split the audience and would be the worst date movie choice ever. But if you’re willing to go along with it and have a warped sense of humour like myself then you might well be willing to spend a and hour and a half in the demented world of The Greasy Strangler and enjoy it’s absurdity and grotesque imagery.” James Pemberton, UK Horror Scene

“Director Jim Hosking … carefully establishes the unique mood of the film. He deploys astonishingly committed (if deliberately one-note) performances, a great deal of low-budget visual invention, distinctive music which will stick in your memory like gum to a shoe, and an admirable desire to turn stomachs by showing things few people want to look at for as long as he holds his shots.” Kim Newman, Empire


“The film’s range of humor is fully disclosed within the first few minutes, and it quite insistently repeats them ad nauseum: unappealing nudity, closeups of unappetizing food, men dressed in tacky retro women’s clothing, childishly crude dialogue, deliberately cheesy gore f/x. The result will efficiently clear a room of those inclined toward taking offense, while leaving most others bored.” Dennis Harvey, Variety

” …this aggressively inane horror comedy manages to cram in every disgusting, deviant activity you couldn’t begin to imagine. And yet, it’s still rather boring. All jarring discords, freakish genitals and a desperate need to shock, this is a singularly tiresome viewing experience.” Wendy Ide, The Observer


“The shocks in The Greasy Strangler don’t just come from the avalanche of profanity, flatulence, fetishized cellulite, nauseating food, cartoon violence and closeups of phalluses (elephantine and microscopic both). The shocks come from the winding plotting, which follows a dream logic that could only float through a diseased stream of consciousness.” Jordan Hoffman, The Guardian


The film was released theatrically in the US by FilmRise on October 7, 2016. A Blu-ray and DVD are released on December 2, 2016, by FilmRise.