47 Meters Down – UK | USA, 2016 – reviews

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‘No way out. No way up. No chance in hell.’

47 Meters Down – aka 47 Metres Down and In the Deep – is a 2016 American-British horror thriller feature film directed by Johannes Roberts (The Strangers 2Storage 24The Other Side of the Door) from a screenplay co-written with Ernest Riera (The Other Side of the Door; Forest of the Damned 2).

The film’s soundtrack score is by tomandandy (The Monster; Havenhurst; Sinister 2; et al).

Original distributor Dimension Films had initially set a North American DVD and VOD release date for August 2, 2016. However, on July 25, Variety reported that Dimension had sold the rights to Entertainment Studios. The latter cancelled the August 2nd home release and will instead release the film theatrically in the United States on June 16, 2017.

The working title for the film was 47 Meters Down, which Dimension had changed to In the Deep for their home release, but Entertainment Studios have reverted to the original title. Ironically, In the Deep was the original title of shark hit The Shallows.

Johannes Roberts is reportedly working on a sequel.


Main cast:

Mandy Moore, Claire Holt (The Vampire Diaries), Matthew Modine (Pacific Heights), Santiago Segura (Scream: The TV Series), Yani Gellman (Urban Legends: Final Cut; Jason XiZombie), Chris J. Johnson (CursedThe Vampire Diaries; Gnaw) and Axel Mansilla.

While on a Mexican vacation, two sisters (Mandy Moore and Claire Holt) become trapped at the bottom of the ocean when a diving expedition to observe sharks goes horribly wrong.

When the cable attaching the observation cage to the boat breaks and the cage sinks to the bottom of the ocean, the sisters must figure out a way to get back to safety battling injuries, lack of oxygen, and, worst of all, bloodthirsty, great white sharks…


Mandy Moore. Gosh, you’re an awful actress. So very, very BAD. However, casting you in a shark-themed film where you may be devoured by a great white, actually peaked my interest in an extremely sinister way. I like shark movies. Hell, I swam with sharks in Bora Bora! (No cage, no safety device…just me and black tip sharks.) But this? This is truly frightening…

Think of Jaws meets 127 Hours. Now decrease it down to maybe 1 hour, instead of 127.

Older, dowdy sister Lisa (Moore) and younger thrill-seeking sis, Kate (Holt), are on vacation in Mexico. Of course, like every story with two pretty young Americans in a foreign country, they meet some guys at a bar and are easily talked into going Cage Diving: Scuba shark-watching from a metal cage. Lisa, the shyer and anxiety-riddled sister has her doubts from the beginning. From the boat, to the rusted cage, to the shark infested waters – she outright does not want to do this. But Kate influences her to take chances, be assertive and adventurous.

And, down they go…

The safe distance for a shark cage is approximately five meters down. While observing the waters and getting used to the Scuba gear, the sharks suddenly appear, sending jolts of excitement and fear to their new intruders. But, Lisa has had enough – time for Captain Taylor to bring them up and of course as we already know…the unthinkable happens!

The effects are pretty damn good. Watching the girls plummet 47 meters down to the bottom of the ocean is pure terror. Losing communication with the boat above, and realizing they will run out of oxygen within the hour is beyond chilling. What’s worse? Being in a cage at the bottom of the ocean with Mandy Moore.

Not wanting to labour the point but Moore is a horrendous actress. There’s no other way to state that fact. The film has tons of jump scares, is extremely alarming and will provoke any claustrophobia you may not know you had. Moore’s panic attacks, screams and sheer heavy breathing will make you crawl right out of your skin.

Holt is more fun to watch as she moves metal, escapes to a better point of contact and fights off a great white. She may be in complete fear, but she is in 100% survival mode as her character Kate forces big sis Lisa to venture out of the cage and help save them both.

The film moves at a steady, scary pace with plenty of “uh-oh” moments to keep you on your toes. Great special effects, great performance by Modine as the calming and matter-of-fact Taylor and many creepy, sharp-toothed sharks to give even the most mellow audience, heart palpitations.

Meredith Brown, MOVIES & MANIA

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Other reviews [may contain spoilers]:

“Unneeded twist aside, this is a very tense and thoroughly enjoyable movie, and some people will no doubt enjoy the twist, so if you fancy sitting through one of my worst nightmares, then give this movie a shot. Aside from the final couple of minutes this is a great addition to the killer shark movie genre.” Addicted to Horror Movies

” …as their oxygen runs low and the sharks close in there are some really intense scenes. Also a special mention must go to the pulsating score by ‘tomandandy’ which although not in the Jaws league (but what is?) creates such an unbearable atmosphere you may not want to go venturing deep see diving anytime soon.” Bloody Flicks

” …the blend of sharks, gore, and claustrophobia, brings some deep-sea-thrills so big, they’ll leave you gasping for air, but also struggle along with the victims. Kudos to Roberts, who executes the hard-to-film underwater scenes very capably, and effortlessly, and makes them look scarily real, yet soaked in dark, turbid atmosphere.” Cinemarvellous!

“This is a far more realistic take on women vs. sharks than Jaume Collet-Serra’s glossy but nevertheless enjoyable The Shallows which came out earlier this year. Like that film it’s a fairly simple setup, but there’s a growing air of desperation and claustrophobia which makes 47 Meters Down particularly nail-biting.” Dark Eyes of London

Interestingly, the film this most closely resembles isn’t a shark film, it’s The Descent – and not just because of the female cast […] the film featured hot actresses in skin-tight outfits yet pointedly refused to objectify them. 47 Meters Down achieves the same laudable goal, avoiding the same easy win.” Cult films and the people who make them

“Takes an intriguing premise, a couple of reasonably nifty “BOO!” moments and a pair of likable leads and wastes them with tedious execution and an ending that is so silly that it almost defies belief.” RogerEbert.com

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19 Comments on “47 Meters Down – UK | USA, 2016 – reviews”

  1. Kate died.

    Ok this movie was great until we found out Lisa had a “dream sequence” and she was hallucinating then it just became depressing and horrible. It’s fine if Lisa was hallucinating after that horror experience but for Kate to die and their escape to be a hallucination was completely unnecessary.

  2. Great movie,deserves a Grammy or an oscar but I know it won’t get coz d cast are not popular like Leonardo DiCaprio and the other A-list actors. The best movie I have watched 2016. I am so thrilled. This is what is called a horror movie. Brilliant.

  3. Wasn’t there another movie of this kind on sharks filmed in Australia that goes by the same name….???!….now I’m confused ?😐

    1. I think the other movie you are referring to is Cage Dive which was filmed in Australia. I don’t believe it has been released yet but the trailer look’s fantastic

  4. I saw this póster and caused me horror so deep and i couldnt sleep two nights ago and since Jaws i suffer a Scary Heart Disease and failed twice for several appearances of this Evil Shark and i dont expect a third heart attack watching this movie i have been warned by the Drs that no watch Shark movies cause a heart arrest can ocurr so i hope this movie does not be screen it in my country el salvador and is better for me not watch it and this Great White Shark is my Dread Enemy and deep Nightmare ok question this Sharks are CGI or Animatronic?thanks for Read my comment 🙂

    1. Ohhh. Man… this movie make me feel like i am dying…. my heart started beating very fast While i am watching this movie……
      Its one of the best thriller movie…

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