THE HORROR NETWORK (2013) Reviews and overview



‘It’s prime time for evil.’

The Horror Network aka The Horror Network Vol. 1 is a 2013 American horror anthology film written and directed by Brian Dorton, Joseph Graham, Manuel Marín, Lee Matthews, Douglas Conner and Ignacio Martín Lerma.


The film presents five horror stories:Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 19.50.47

3.00 am: A woman is taunted by an unknown caller in the middle of the night.

Edward: A troubled young man sleepwalks and sometimes wakes up with blood on his hands, his therapist uses hypnosis to try and unlock the secrets inside his troubled mind. Instead, he awakens a monster.

The Quiet: When a young, deaf schoolgirl is bullied and left to walk home alone, she realizes that she’s being followed and a frantic game of cat and mouse begins.


Merry Little Christmas: A little girl and her mother live in a bizarre world of fear and pain, unable to regain their lives after the scars left on them by the brutal beatings they’ve endured.

The Deviant One: A serial killer preys upon a teen boy that he befriends.




“This is not amateur hour. There is serious, professional filmmaking going on here, and bright futures are ahead all involved. If you have the stomach, and are in the mood for some really dark, really thought-provoking horror, give this one a look.” UK Horror Scene


Horror Network is a disparate collection of hidden gems. It’s a bit uneven at times, but that’s only natural given its international flavor and multitude of contributors. If, as reported, primary creators Dorton and Douglas Connor reviewed about 200 films before settling on the final five, they certainly did their homework.” Ravenous Monster

Dark and edgy with an fast pace, The Horror Network is non-stop action. Extremely well acted by the entire cast, with gritty cinematography that leaves an indelible mark on the viewer. The special effects are outstanding, and blend perfectly into each scene no matter how bizarre or gruesome.” Cryptic Rock

Main cast: 

Nick Frangione, Artem Mishin, Jan Cornet, Brian Dorton, Javier Botet, Macarena Gómez.