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Dry-Bones-2013-horror-movie-Greg-Lamberson-poster‘Sometimes you shouldn’t go home again.’

Dry Bones is a 2013 American horror feature film directed by Greg Lamberson (Johnny Gruesome; Killer Rack; Slime City) and Michael O’Hear (The Fate of Sophie Miller; Something Dark) from a screenplay by producer Lamberson.


Main cast:

Debbie Rochon, Michael O’Hear (Death House; Model Hunger; Snow Shark), John Renna (Johnny Gruesome; Porkchop 3D), Paul McGinnis (Let Her OutFrankenstein’s Patchwork Monster), Kathy Murphy, Kevin Van Hentenryck [as Kevin Van Hat Trick] (Brain Damage; Basket Case and sequels), Kim Piazza, Jessica Zwolak (Killer Rack) Tia Maurice, Mark Goodfellow, Kaelin Lamberson, Alexander S. McBryde, Robert Bozek (Not Human), Tim O’Hearn.



As a boy, Andy is terrorized by a monster under his bed. Decades later, psychiatrists have convinced Drew (Michael O’Hear) that his childhood trauma is a figment of his imagination – until he returns home to confront his darkest fears.

As the people in his life begin to disappear, Drew suspects the creature is hellbent on his destruction…


Reviews [click links to read more]:

“For a monster movie it surprisingly has little blood and guts but it does have human skeletons that you can roll up like a rug. Overall it’s a well directed piece by the duo of Lamberson and O’ Hear that keeps you entertained and holds your attention.” HorrorScreams VideoVault

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 13.12.29“The entire cast offers up some great performances and work very well with each other. That is something very rare in the indie horror community. Most indie horror films have a cast of people trying to be the next De Niro from Taxi Driver while others lack experience to actually deliver their lines and not just read them.” Horror Society

Dry Bones is a damn fine time for those into low budget horror. There’s really nothing to complain about with this one. I’m sure plenty would argue that the film could use some more gore but it honestly functions just as well without it.” Foul Feast

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