STALKHER (2015) Reviews and overview

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‘He chased her until she caught him’

StalkHer is a 2015 Australian dark comedy psychological thriller feature film directed by John Jarratt (Wolf Creek) and Kaarin Fairfax (who both star) from a screenplay written by Kristijana Maric. It also stars Alan Finney, Robert Coleby, Charlie Jarratt, Mykel Nikiforides, Aash Aaron, Craig A. Kocinski and Paul Hilton.

The soundtrack features Nick Cave, Skyhooks, Vika & Linda Bull, The Angels and Sarah Blasko.



Jack is pushed past the brink of his stalking obsession when he finally decides to break into Emily’s home to take what he wants by force. However, his plans for her pain and his pleasure come unhinged when he wakes up to find himself bleeding and bound to a chair in her kitchen. It doesn’t take long for Jack to realize that Emily is not the woman he thoughts she was.

For one night Jack and Emily engage in a twisted and thrilling courtship of the sexes that leads one to wonder which one of them will survive the night…



“Veteran John Jarratt co-directed this with Kaarin Fairfax, and while they let fly at each other with copious energy, their verbal conflagration could have benefitted from fewer swear words, more jokes and a tighter running time.” 3AW


” … a nifty little black comedy bubbling and bristling with surprises and invention.” Filmink


“This war of words is a big, long, pointless spat and a cinematic endurance test of the worst sort – hard to take seriously and nothing to laugh at. “I could live without another slut tirade,” Fairfax says at one point, and for a brief fleeting moment, the film absolutely nails it.” The Guardian


In the US, the film was released on VOD on October 21st by Ozpix Entertainment.

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