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‘Sometimes the dead come back’

Abandoned Dead is a 2016 American supernatural horror feature film written and directed by Mark W. Curran (Hoodman; Poe: In His Own Words, An Evening with Edgar Allan Poe). The movie stars Sarah Nicklin, Robert E. Wilhelm and Carlos Ramirez.


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Rachel Burke (Sarah Nicklin) is a young security guard assigned to a creepy run-down inner-city addiction clinic, but soon discovers she is not alone. Paranormal disturbances manifest an angry malevolent force building in deadly intensity.


As visions emerge from the shadows, she must align with the spirits of dead victims murdered by a sinister demon doctor (Robert Wilhelm) hell-bent on immortality.


With the help of a determined homicide detective (Carlos Ramirez) and a perceptive psychiatrist (Judith O’Dea) they investigate clues revealing a frightening, terrible secret from her shattered past…


” …a meandering, uninteresting snooze-fest. Given the setup and some of the basic happenings, comparisons to Anthony DiBlasi’s far superior Last Shift are inevitable – but where DiBlasi’s film successfully spent its focus on scaring the shit out of you with a sense of class, Abandoned Dead tries to play it smart on all fronts… but ends up less coherent (and less entertaining)…” Dread Central


“Nicklin does her best with what the role has to offer but this somewhat effective psychological horror at 78 minutes long mainly consists of banging, clanging and jump scares. The cinematography is of very good quality but overall it’s not a great movie and will be easily forgotten.” Horrorscreams Videovault

Abandoned Dead is a solid mix of a psychological, supernatural and a survival driven tale. Nicklin is a bonafide leading lady that I can’t wait to see in another dominant role. Fans will be so so on Abandoned Dead but if you pay attention to the smart and deeper story that lies beneath just the action on the screen it will be well worth your time.” Horror Movies Uncut

“We don’t get a lot of gore but the supernatural entities look fantastic along with superb camerawork. The suspense is there but the story is lacking. Overall, Abandoned Dead is a shot in the dark that misses the mark. They are able to pull together a solid cast but the story just didn’t go the distance.” Horror Society

“Through the use of childhood memories and flashbacks (plus the wonderfully imaginative lighting, editing and camerawork of DP Robert Adams] Abandoned Dead manages to convey a sense of dread while effectively delivering elements of a crime-thriller, mystery, suspense and the supernatural – in an explosive mix of satisfying cinematic horror.” Popcorn Horror

” …Curran has a talent and a knack of leading a story into an atmospheric conclusion and in these latter parts there are scenes that are unnerving in their portrayal. Whilst certain parts of the film look a bit weak it’s hard not to be impressed by this neatly packed supernatural thriller that offers creepy moments, confident direction and a willingness to express some maturity and aspiration beyond its limitations.” UK Horror Scene

“It is both smart and well-executed. It has a creepiness to it, that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This solidifies the scream queen moniker for Sarah. How is she not in bigger fare by now? This film is well worth a watch and I would say go buy it, and then watch it again.” Wicked Channel

Cast and characters:

Sarah Nicklin … Rachel Burke – The Basement; Adam K; The Witching Hour; The Horror Geeks; Chupacabra Territory
Judith O’Dea … Doctor Pamela Myers – Night of the Living Dead: Genesis; Ed Gein: D.D.S.; Night of the Living Dead
Christopher Parker … Hank Simms
Carlos Ramirez … Detective Phillip Haggis
Stacy Snyder … Anna Logan
Robert E. Wilhelm … Doctor Thaddeus Mayfield
Jackson Stafford … Pizza Boy
Hannah Johnson … Young Rachel Burke
Ivan Adame … Stranger in Street

Filming locations:

Artesia, California

Technical details:

1 hour 17 minutes


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