HOODMAN (2021) Preview of urban legend horror

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‘Be careful what you believe in’

Hoodman is a 2021 American mystery horror slasher film about an urban legend about a killer that haunts a small town.

Written, produced and directed by Mark W. Curran (Abandoned Dead; Poe: In His Own Words, An Evening with Edgar Allan Poe), the Pacific World Pictures-Nightwatcher Films production stars Madison Spear, Brock Morse, Skye Roberts and Zachary Rist.


An urban legend haunts a small town as a troubled young woman (Madison Spear) seeks to find her missing child. A relentless detective (Brock Morse) pieces together clues that lead them both to a suspected killer (Jack James). As the mystery unfolds so does the frightening realisation that the urban legend is real…

Release date:

Hoodman will be released On-Demand by Indie Rights Movies on Amazon Prime on May 1st 2021.


“In the tradition of the 1980s horror films such as Halloween, and Friday the 13th, Hoodman imparts a smart contemporary and hip tone, bringing the 80’s classic style into today’s millennial-driven Blumhouse sensibility.

The film places an emphasis on suspense and hidden terror rather than blood and gore while tackling universal themes of the power of belief and the nature of depression, identity and suicide. At its heart, it is the story of a troubled young girl’s fight to overcome impossible odds and emerge the triumphant victor.

It also introduces a unique, exciting and franchise-ready villain antagonist into the lexicon of horror antagonists from which only the most resilient ‘final girl’ will escape. (Or will she?).”

Cast and characters:

Madison Spear … Ariana Chandler
Brock Morse … Detective Lenny Briggs
Skye Roberts … Missy Anderson
Zachary Rist … Paulie Anderson
Jack James … Frank Hackman
Elle Taylor … Tawnie Mercer
Joe Finfera … Douglas Anderson
Kerry Sullivan … Laura Anderson
Claire Montgomery … Doctor Lorinda Woods
Lynelle Paulick … Librarian
Michael David Farrow … Doctor At Hospital
Matt Quinn … Hoodman

Technical details:

96 minutes


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