CLOWN KILL aka LOCK IN (2014) Overview


‘His party. Your funeral.’

Clown Kill – aka Lock In – is a 2014 British horror film written and directed by Mark J. Howard. It stars Roy Basnett, Jessica Cunningham, recently a contestant on TV show The Apprentice, and Stephen Greenhalgh.


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Jenny (Jessica Cunningham), an ambitious, feisty but very successful advertising executive has her drink spiked at a fancy dress party, leading to a brutal sexual assault in the pub toilets by a mysterious figure dressed as a clown.

Slowly, she rebuilds her life, and returns to work after a six month absence. She soon becomes bogged down with work and when her bullying boss gives her a huge, last minute advertising account with a Saudi-backed circus company, the pressure begins to mount.


Forced to work alone throughout the night in the huge office block, it soon becomes apparent she is not alone. Stalking the empty corridors is a familiar, unwanted figure, and Jenny soon discovers she is locked in with Charlie Boy the psychotic clown, driven by a blood lust and an obsession with torment and murder…




Main cast:

  • Roy Basnett
  • Jessica Cunningham
  • Stephen Greenhalgh – Zombie Diaries 2
  • James Thompson
  • Tim Paley
  • Jeff Downs
  • Rachel Dargie
  • Simon Entwistle
  • Holly Chadwick

Filming locations:

Accrington and Burnley, Lancashire, England
Bolton, Greater Manchester, England


Grindhouse Video releasing the film on DVD in the US on April 25, 2017.

A British DVD release by Left Films was released on 15 May 2017.

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