#Screamers (2016) reviews and overview

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‘When you hear the scream, it’s already too late’

#Screamers is a 2016 American found footage horror film directed by Dean Ronalds (Netherbeast Incorporated; producer of The Graves) from a screenplay co-written with actor-producer Tom Malloy. Chris Bannow and Emanuela Galliussi also star.


Internet gurus Tom Brennan [Malloy] and Chris Grabow [Barrow] know what sells on the Internet. They’ve built their viral video site Gigaler.com into a moneymaking machine, primarily by providing the audience with web ‘screamers’—videos that distract the audience, then scare them to death.

They are sent an amazing ‘screamer’ that features a young girl at a gravesite and ends with a truly disturbing-looking boogeyman. This screamer becomes the top video on the site.

After several conversations with the girl who claims to be the one in the video, it’s discovered that the latter looks exactly like Tara Rogers… who has been missing for years. It’s then that Tom and Chris decide to take their team on a road trip to confront this girl and find out the truth…


#Screamers scares movie house attendees on April 5th, 2018, and arrives on VOD on April 17th, 2018.

Reviews [click links to read more]:

“I enjoyed the hell out #Screamers, and I’m hoping a larger audience sees this one soon, as it’s more than worth a look, it’s perfectly chilling and strikes all the right chords, creating a near-flawless viewing experience that genre fans are going to be excited about.” Addicted to Horror Movies

“Often, documentary-style films are slow to the point and muddled with a lot of filler. #Screamers does not fall into this trap. The pacing of the action is fluid and easily followed. The characters are multidimensional and interesting. If there is only one negative with this film, it is the surprise twist that does not even really affect the outcome.” Cryptic Rock

#Screamers’ use of found footage may not be the most original idea, but you’re already a step ahead if you have at your production’s disposal: gifted actors, believable dialogue and expertly-produced scare tactics. With generous and effective gifts like that, it’s easy to overlook the fact that found footage films are still running rampant across our horror screens.” Horrorfreak News

“While #Screamers is not perfect, the film strives for unyielding perfection, which is demonstrated by the film’s exceptional plot, acting, character development, visuals, and fun supplemental material for fans to visit.” Found Footage Critic


Main cast:

  • Chris Bannow
  • Emanuela Galliussi
  • Tom Malloy
  • Griffin Matthews
  • Theodora Miranne
  • Abbi Snee

Filming locations:

Rochester, New York

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4 Comments on “#Screamers (2016) reviews and overview”

  1. I genuinely hope that this film is really as good as this review claims it to be(*duly noted that there are other reviews cited within this post).. I’ve just become wary of praise surrounding new horror movies since I find myself being let down time after time, after time.. Truly good horror is rare these days, and I’m honestly not one of the tough ass “critiquers” who nit-picks a movie to death..lol.. I just want to be entertained, and if it also happens to deliver a shit load of thrills and chills along the way, all the better!

    This one I’ve been waiting for since first reading your post 6+ months ago.. any info on a public release date?

  2. I’m always quite wary of over-estimating reviews like the ones above….have to see this movie myself before deciding if it’s all real good as they say it is.

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