THE HUNCHBACK OF SOHO (1966) Reviews and overview

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The Hunchback of Soho is a 1966 West German krimi horror thriller directed by Alfred Vohrer (Creature with the Blue HandThe College-Girl MurdersDead Eyes of London) from a screenplay written by Herbert Reinecker (The Monster of Blackwood Castle; The Mysterious Magician), based on a novel by British author Edgar Wallace.


The kitschy soundtrack was provided by Peter Thomas (Castle of the Walking Dead).


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Main cast:

Günther Stoll, Pinkas Braun, Monika Peitsch, Siegfried Schürenberg, Agnes Windeck, Gisela Uhlen, Hubert von Meyerinck, Uta Levka, Suzanne Roquette, Joachim Teege, Hilde Sessak, Susanne Hsiao, Kurt Waitzmann, Ilse Pagé, Albert Bessler, Richard Haller, Eddi Arent.



When Wanda Merville inherits a million pounds, she’s promptly kidnapped, replaced by a fake “Wanda,” and spirited away to a school for delinquent girls.


Sponsored by crazy General Perkins (who’s still fighting the Battle of Tobruck in his basement) and the General’s dotty wife Lady Marjorie (“Give me some whiskey… Straight!”), the school is actually run by evil, reptilian-faced Alan Oavis, the Reverend Dave (who sings church choirs in German), and a masculine matron with a riding crop who force the girls to work in a laundry sweat-shop that resembles something out of White Zombie.



The more attractive young gals are sent to work as “hostesses” in Mrs Tindle’s Mekka gambling club while the more rebellious are strangled by Harry the hunchback and his hilariously huge hump…



“Another terrific Edgar Wallace shocker where almost no one is whom they appear to be (even Harry has an ersatz hump). Fast-paced and stylish with rich, atmospheric color and a great swinging 60’s score.” Frank Henenlotter, Something Weird Video


” …this particularly zesty offering is directed by the highly skilful Alfred Vohrer who, as always, keeps the pace at delirious speeds. Plot is standard Wallace fare: a bizarre individual is killing young women and a considerable inheritance is involved. But the real kicker here is the truly astonishing and uber funky burlesque score by Peter Thomas.” Lurid Screams of Death


” …once you get through the confusing first half of the movie, the plot finally gains momentum and it turns out not half bad. The hunchback strangler is the horror element of this one, which isn’t a giveaway – it’s established before the opening credits … it was starting to be obvious at this point that the series was starting to go downhill.” Fantastic Movie Musings and Ramblings


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Original title:

Der Bucklige von Soho

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