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‘The nightmare is about to begin… again’

Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 is a 1987 American black comedy slasher horror feature film edited and directed by Lee Harry from a screenplay co-written with Joseph H. Earle.

It is the sequel to Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984) and was followed by Silent Night, Deadly Night III: Better Watch Out! (1989).


The movie will be released by Scream Factory as a Collector’s Edition Blu-ray on December 11, 2018. The new artwork is by Joel Robinson; the theatrical poster will be on the reverse side.

A deluxe edition includes the Blu-ray, an exclusive Ricky clothed action figure created by NECA, and an 18 x 24 poster featuring Robinson’s artwork. The extras are listed below:

  • Audio commentary with director/co-writer Lee Harry and actors Eric Freeman and James Newman (new)
  • Audio commentary with director/co-writer Lee Harry, co-writer Joseph H. Earle, and actor James Newman
  • Slay Bells Ring Again: The Story of Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 – Interviews with director/co-writer Lee Harry, actors Eric Freeman, James Newman, Elizabeth Kaitan, Darrel Guilbeau, and Kenny McCabe, and makeup effects artist Christopher Biggs (new)
  • Garbage Days Are Here Again – A Look at the Film’s Locations (new)
  • Ricky Today – Short film featuring an interview with Ricky Caldwell (new)
  • Extended interview with makeup effects artist Christopher Biggs (new)
  • Theatrical trailer


Ricky Caldwell, the eighteen-year-old brother of the first film’s killer, is now being held in a mental hospital, awaiting trial for a series of murders that he committed.

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While being interviewed by the psychiatrist Doctor Henry Bloom, Ricky tells the story of the murders his brother Billy committed throughout a series of several flashbacks using extensive footage from the original film.


These flashbacks include new shots to make Ricky appear in more of Billy’s original story…


The movie stars Eric Freeman (Ghost Writer; Murder Weapon; Children of the Corn), James L. Newman (Celia), Elizabeth Kaitan [as Cayton] (NecromancerFriday the 13th Part VII; Silent Madness) and Jean Miller (Escapes).


“Although nowhere near as much fun as its predecessor, Part II does have some fine moments, once you’ve waded through all the reused clips. It’s worth watching just to see the nun get her final comeuppance. Skip the first forty-five minutes and watch immediately after seeing the first instalment.” Jim Harper, Legacy of Blood: A Comprehensive Guide to Slasher Movies

legacy of blood jim harper critical vision


“Director-editor Lee Harry succeeds in making this one of the most mean-spirited slasher films ever made.” John Stanley, Creature Features


Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 is the epitome of a bad movie, yet it has that ridiculous bad movie charm to it that makes it a great choice to invite friends over for a Mystery Science Theater type showing … It can be looked at as good, even one of the best… if you’re into that special kind of bad.” Ronnie Angel, Slashed Dreams: The Ultimate Guide to Slasher Films


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Due to the excessive use of footage from the original movie, the film was panned by critics. However, the film does have an audience with slasher fans/horror fans, and has gained a cult following as an unintentional comedy due to Freeman’s over-the-top performance.

During Ricky’s suburban shooting rampage, he kills a neighbour that is taking out trash cans, shouting “Garbage day!” before firing on the person. The scene has become an Internet meme due to the seemingly non-sequitur nature of the scene as well as the comedic cheesiness of the line’s delivery.


Meanwhile, Ricky’s murder of a mobster by stabbing him with an umbrella, then unfurling it with the victim hoisted against the wall, has also become a popular horror movie death, and was the inspiration for the horror reference book, Death by Umbrella! The 100 Weirdest Horror Movie Weapons.

Death by Umbrella The 100 Weirdest Horror Movie Weapons Christopher Lombardo and Jeff Kirschner book

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“So what is good? Well beside Ricky’s “garbage day” delivery…there are some cool deaths. Ricky’s size and imposing demeanour make him seem like a viable threat so it’s not surprising he can kill other men with ease…it’s just a pity that it’s backed up with that horrible laugh.” Games, Brrrraaains & a Head-Banging Life


The film received a limited release theatrically in the United States in 1987. It grossed $154,323 at the box office. It was subsequently released on VHS by International Video Entertainment in 1987.

On December 4, 2012, the film was released alongside Part 1 as a two-disc “Christmas Survival Double Feature,” containing the same archival bonus features as a 2003 DVD release.


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In the UK, it was banned by the BBFC when submitted by Trans Global Pictures on 22/12/1987 and has not been re-submitted since.



Choice dialogue:

Toy store owner: “I just remembered. Lots of ‘ho, ho, ho.’ Try not to scare the little bastards.”

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Cast and characters:

  • Eric Freeman as Richard “Ricky” Caldwell
  • Darrel Guilbeau as Ricky at 15
  • Brian Michael Henley as Ricky at 10
  • James L. Newman as Doctor Henry Bloom
  • Elizabeth Kaitan as Jennifer Statson
  • Lilyan Chauvin (archive footage) / Jean Miller as Mother Superior
  • Corrine Gelfan as Martha Rosenberg
  • Michael Combatti as Morty Rosenberg
  • Jill K. Allen as Mrs. Rosenberg’s Friend
  • Ken Weichert as Chip
  • Ron Moriarty as Detective
  • Frank Novak as Rocco the Loan Shark
  • Randall Boffman as Eddie
  • Joanne White as Paula
  • Lenny Rose as Loser
  • Nadya Wynd as Sister Mary
  • Kenneth McCabe as Rent-A-Cop
  • J. Aubrey Island as Orderly
  • Jeremiah Sird as Gregg
  • Randy Post as Loudmouth In Theater
  • Kent Koppase as Cop #1
  • Michael Marloe as Cop #2
  • Larry Kelman as Cop #3/Paramedic
  • John Fitzgibbons as Kid At Play
  • Scottie Simpfender as Kid At Play
  • Erin Darini as Kid At Play
  • Lara Darini as Kid At Play
  • Brian Darini as Kid At Play



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