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‘Don’t accept his invite.’

Bedeviled is a 2016 American supernatural horror film written and directed by Abel Vang and Burlee Vang as The Vang Brothers. It stars Saxon Sharbino, Bonnie Morgan and Brandon Soo Hoo.

Five friends are terrorized by a supernatural entity after downloading a mysterious app.


Nikki, a young woman that recently downloaded Mr. Bedevil, a mysterious Siri-like A.I. app, is stalked by a paranormal presence and is later found dead from a shock-induced heart attack.

Following her funeral, Nikki’s boyfriend, Cody, and best friend, Alice, along with Alice’s boyfriend, Gavin, and friends, Haley and Dan, all receive invites to download Mr. Bedevil. They decide to download the app, which results in the group getting tormented by Mr. Bedevil and becoming haunted according to their personal fears.

They subsequently discover brands on their bodies in the shape of Mr. Bedevil’s app icon and eventually accept that the app is intent on killing them…



“Instead of overdoing it with millions of squiggling tentacles and the overplayed tooth-filled vagina mouth, this monster actually evokes some goosebumps through minimal-but-strategic choices like elongated hands and good lighting that plays tricks with the eyes. Bedeviled isn’t a timeless classic, but it uses them as source material to create something enjoyable from beginning to end.” Addicted to Horror Movies

“What we have here is a charming, albeit occasionally predictable, character-driven horror movie with a splash of modern sensibilities. While some of the scenes involving the titular app’s capabilities may seem cheesy at first, especially with how gullible the teens seem to be, there are still some honest scares to be had with the film.” Luiz H.C., Bloody Disgusting

Bedeviled is the type of teen horror film that thinks it’s being clever. It thinks that it is in on the joke. It thinks its making a joke. The only thing funny about it is the laughable screenwriting and nonsensical internal logic.” Alex Brannan, CineFiles

Bedeviled is basically a poor man’s Nightmare on Elm Street. Describing it as by-the-book isn’t quite right as it never turns past the first page of being pat, predictable, and pedestrian in every sense as a supernatural slasher.  About the best that can be said of Bedeviled is that it is “eh, ok” for a SyFy Saturday matinee.” Culture Crypt

Bedeviled looks great, and it’s easy to see the movie was made with concern and care. Unfortunately, those pluses don’t outweigh the stilted dialogue and actors who aren’t quite up to the task of delivering it. It’s not horrible, but the conversations don’t quite gel in a believable manner.” Staci Layne Wilson, Dread Central

Bedeviled is a decent enough movie in its way. It’s well-made, has an interesting villain, and it looks pretty. It’s also overly-familiar, tame, and not very scary. If you can live with those drawbacks, then give it a go and enjoy the pretty sights.” The Horror Club

“It probably won’t be remembered as one of the greatest of all times, but it is a fun teeny horror movie, perfect to watch with a few friends to have a scary night. While influenced by other great horror movies it still manages to stand on its own. Even though the main pattern of the story is nothing new, they managed to make it feel fresh and original enough to stand out.” Joculus,

“Yes, ok there are a lot of clichés in Bedeviled and it might be predictable. However, it’s still very entertaining because of the incredibly well balanced and perfect combination of cinematography and the film score.” Liselotte Vanophem, OC Movie Reviews

“The acting was very mediocre and sometimes hard to watch, with all of the over the top gestures and awkwardness, but again, it wasn’t totally out of place for this type of film. However, none of the characters left a lasting impression.” Tori Danielle, Pop Horror

Cast and characters:

  • Saxon Sharbino as Alice Gorman
  • Brandon Soo Hoo as Dan
  • Victory Van Tuyl as Haley Davis
  • Mitchell Edwards as Cody
  • Carson Boatman as Gavin
  • Alexis G Zall as Nikki
  • Jordan Essoe as Mr Bedevil
  • Bonnie Morgan as Grandmother
  • Robyn Cohen as Patricia Gorman
  • Camden Toy as Tall Clown
  • Brett Wagner as Fat Clown
  • Angelina Armani as Maid Clown
  • Michael Shen as Cop

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