PLAYING WITH DOLLS: HAVOC (2017) Reviews and overview


Playing with Dolls: Havoc is a 2017 American slasher horror feature film directed by Rene Perez (It HungersThe Burning Dead; The Dead and the Damned; et al). It is a sequel to Perez’ Playing with Dolls (2015) and Playing with Dolls: Bloodlust (2016). The movie stars Nicole Stark, Charlie Glakin, John Scuderi and Stormi Maya.

A killer has escaped jail. Now, he is on a murderous rampage as he tears through a group of unsuspecting vacationers…

Director Rene Perez has commented: “This time, I’m letting the action take centre stage. I’m letting the carnage drive the story.”


“Much credit goes to Rene Perez who puts so much into these films on his own. In addition to writing and directing, he produces, edits, shoots, and does the music as well. With each film he takes things up a notch and fine tunes his style, growing in the process […] These films are nothing but a ridiculously fun thrill ride and that’s all they are meant to be.” Slackjaw Punks

“I don’t know the fascination with this aspect of the series but the script is still a lot simpler, focusing mostly on Havoc and his victims. I won’t say the acting is good but it is remarkably improved over the previous two films. The women in Playing with Dolls: Havoc are more than a set of breasts.” Without Your Head

“The characters are archetypical. Yet, they are developed sufficiently. The result is an occasionally fun, unassuming journey into cinematic fear. It certainly doesn’t break new ground. Yet, there is no reason horror fanatics shouldn’t be able to fully appreciate this latest installment in the on-going Playing with Dolls narrative.” A Word of Dreams


Main cast:

  • Nicole Stark – The Obsidian Curse; Tabloid VivantLittle Red Riding Hood
  • Kyle Clarke – Mansion of Blood
  • John Scuderi – The Obsidian CursePlaying with Dolls
  • Stormi Maya – It Hungers; short: Hell of a New Year
  • Jade Ellis
  • Robert Koroluck
  • Malorie Glavan
  • Chase Ayers
  • Matt Doyle
  • Oliver Müller
  • Reese Austyn

Fun Facts:

Artist Simon Laprise has created a companion comic book for Playing with Dolls: Havoc.

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