Horror Hotel: The Movie (2016) overview

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Horror Hotel: The Movie is a 2016 American compilation of sci-fi/fantasy/horror shorts that were originally part of an online web series. All were edited and directed by Ricky Hess, written by Al Hess and produced by Debbie Hess.

The compilation is currently free to watch online via Amazon Prime

Aliens Stole My Boyfriend – Two cute alien chicks crash land their space buggy in the parking lot of the motor court looking for Earth boyfriends.


Coma Girl – A macabre maintenance man falls in love with a comatose patient at the convalescent home where he works much to the dismay of her faithful husband.

Brain Robbers in Love – A powerful older woman steals the body of a young woman using a top-secret brain-swapping device stolen from a government vault.

The Problem With Clones – A skip-tracer must search through a family of clones to find the sister who murdered her lookalike.


Four-Eyes – A paraplegic hit man is encouraged to pursue his gruesome talent by a man who wants to murder his ex-wife.


Life After Men – In the near future, males are virtually extinct from disease and are tracked down my manhunters working for the new government.

Main cast:

Tera Buerkle, Deborah Childs, Jordan Demers, Austin Freeman, Michael Gladden, Jeremy Michael Grey, Troy Halverson,  Derrell Keith Lester, Ryan Littmann, Baby Norman, Erin Ownbey, Anastasia Pekhtereva, Neil Ramsay,  Brittany Savoie, R.C. Sayyah, Amber Seidel, Philip Spartis, Stephanie Stevens, James Edward Thomas, Wesley Williamson, Kalyn Wood.

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