Massagist – China, Thailand, 2015 – overview

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Massagist is a 2015 Thai-Chinese supernatural horror feature film directed by Taweewat Wantha (Long Weekend; SARS Wars) from a screenplay by Yang Jian, Wu Lei Lei and Chen Yang. The original title is 索命暹罗之按摩师 [“Sui Sui’s Massage Therapist”].

The movie stars Bowie Lam, Yuan Bai Zi Hui, Jack Kao, Wesley Wong, Niu Weiqi, Gao Xiang and Ye Yong.

Moran (Yuan Bai Zi Hui), a young Chinese woman, lost her mother during childhood, but her sudden bizarre death has always been a mystery, which left her heartbroken. Having moved to Thailand, eighteen year-old Moran is perplexed by a variety of bizarre deaths that occur one after another in massage parlours, making her mother’s death even more complicated and confusing.

Meanwhile, Thai policeman (Huang Kaijie) has led an in-depth investigation, discovering that the people who died are inextricably linked. Layers of mystery finally expose a cover-up and the shocking truth…


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