INSECT DISASTER (2021) Preview of Dune sandworm monster mockbuster!

Insect Disaster is a 2021 ecological monster movie about giant sandworms that live in vast deserts caused by global warming. The Chinese production stars Wang Ziyi, Don Enoch, Indah, Cuiya …

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SKYFIRE (2020) Reviews and overview

‘The mountain is waking up’ Skyfire is a 2020 Chinese disaster thriller feature film about what happens to a holiday resort built on a seemingly dormant volcano! Directed by Simon …

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ZOMBIE REQUIEM (2019) Chinese horror

Zombie Requiem aka 疯狂吞噬者 [“Crazy Devourer”] is a 2019 Chinese science-fiction horror feature film. Directed by Liu Wenjun, the movie stars Luo Ran, Yang Han and Zhou Xuanyu. Plot: A …

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