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‘Don’t go down there’

The Basement is a 2017 Hungarian-American-British supernatural horror feature film directed by Vozo Zoltán Végh and László Illés from a screenplay written by Gera Laszlo Krisztian. The movie stars Caroline Boulton, Richard Rifkin and Marina Gera.


A group of international students explore a basement that has been abandoned for years. But what starts off as an exploratory séance ends in bloody mayhem when a malicious entity is summoned…


“I liked a few of the scares – they’re genuine build-up shocks, not just basic jump scares, which definitely earns points. I suppose the picture may be worth a single look, but don’t expect your typical viewing experience, at all. This one if so out of touch with situational awareness that it becomes an odd experiment more than a typical horror movie session.” Addicted to Horror Movies

“It is visually appealing, professional, as well as bright and colorful enough, which isn’t too common for a low-budget genre attempt, let alone one that is mostly set underground. The gore and make-up isn’t too impressive looking though, but I still appreciate the fact that it isn’t really holding back with it. There are plenty of killings in this movie, as well as a ‘fun’ and solid killer.” Boba_Fett1138

“While the blood is often a bit discolored and its consistency is not always spot-on, viewers will be willing to forgive these shortcomings in favor of the unique plot and the solid jump-scares that are peppered throughout the film. Brownie points must also be given for a garroting via Christmas lights! The Basement is a solid horror offering…” Cryptic Rock

The Basement basically becomes a 60-minute sprint of five people navigating concrete hallways with a deranged killer in hot pursuit. There’s no real story moving anywhere meaningful by this point. It’s a lot of flashlights illuminating dirty doll parts, inconsequential arguing that is sometimes in Hungarian, and willy-nilly wackiness infecting every aspect of the production.” Culture Crypt

“The cheesy dialogue may ruin this movie for some but overall it’s a fair good found-footage flick with a few scares and an impressive atmosphere. If you like a ghost horror with a peek of slasher and suspense, you should check it out, it won’t ruin your time.” Decay Mag

“The movie’s worst sin is not the story; it’s the execution. It’s hard to botch scares when the characters are wandering dark, tight hallways and getting lost in a seemingly transformative maze.  Ghostly mannequins and creepy masks should generate thrills.  However, the pacing is excruciating and the potential jumps are so repetitive that an 82-minute movie seems to drag beyond two hours.” Down Right Creepy

” …a combination of thickly-accented English-language performances that frequently place emphasize on the wrong words or syllables on top of generally poor performances. A terrible script does not help with its unoriginal and uninteresting story, and the special effects never fare well when the camera lingers on them. It is hard to even label the film a time-waster as it manages to drag at just over eighty minutes…” DVD Beaver

The Basement will likely leave viewers cold and disappointed overall, yet some might feel intrigued to venture forth for a mere look at the flick, but be forewarned, many questions during the movie go unanswered by the conclusion. However, one of the many things you definitely can count on and even look for while searching through The Basement is how many clichés can you spot, and these prevent the film from achieving a frightening quality.” The Horror Times

” …The Basement does not exactly re-invent the horror genre – but it plays what might be a familiar tune to perfection, truly excelling in creating suspense, placing jump scares and the like, and it’s one of those rare movies that knows how to set up “found footage” scenes – and when to omit the tactics in favour of proper storytelling.” Search My Trash

“If you like cute young things getting tortured you will get a taste of it here. The film style may throw you off but the acting is better than most low budget horror. Caroline Boulton does do tortured well. The Basement successfully creates a scary killer and that last ten minutes will leave you gasping.” Without Your Head

Main cast:

• Caroline Boulton … Suzie
• Marina Gera … Doll-Face
• Tom Nguyen … Woo-Jin
• Richard Rifkin … Kranicz
• Réka Lukács … Party girl
• Zoltán Füle … Police officer #2
• Zsolt Páll … Police officer #1
• Shawn Clankie … Horse-masked Guy (as Shawn Michael Clankie)
• Takács Zalán … Kolos
• Graham Kitchen … Party guy
• Sherin Bors … Ayame
• Varga Csenge Boglárka … Lucy
• Gergo Szekér … Tommy
• Laci Gondor … Lucas

Filming locations:

• Budapest, Hungary

Technical details:

• 82 minutes

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