WAIT TILL HELEN COMES (2016) Reviews and overview


Wait Till Helen Comes – aka Little Girl’s Secret – is a 2016 horror feature film directed by Dominic James from a screenplay written by Victoria Sanchez Mandryk. It was adapted from the book by Mary Downing Hahn. The movie stars Maria Bello (Lights Out; Demonic; The Dark), Sophie Nélisse and Isabelle Nélisse.

The film was released across Canada on 25 November 2016. TriCoast Studios are handling worldwide distribution across various platforms including DVD and video-on-demand.


A young girl, Molly (Sophie Nélisse) move to a converted church in the countryside with her mother and new stepfather (Callum Keith Rennie). Her new dad, Dave, came with a new step sister, teenager Heather (Isabelle Nélisse). Gradually exploring the area around their new home, Heather explores the graveyard to their church house.

In the graveyard she meets a seemingly friendly ghost named Helen. However, Helen is no friend. She is actually just trying to lure Heather to drown, so that she can take her soul. Young Molly is the only one aware of this, and when she tries to tell her mom and brother, they think she’s delusional…


“This movie was so damn dark! I don’t mean thematically. I mean that it was often hard to see what was going on in the movie because it never seemed to occur to anyone to turn on a light! I get the point, of course. This was a horror movie and everyone’s scared of the dark. But, after a little while, the constant darkness went from being atmospheric to just being silly.” Through the Shattered Lens

“Young Dickinson is most convincing as the initially skeptical little brother […] Director Dominic James and his crew make the most of an atmospheric setting, which is nicely photographed by Rene Ohashi. It and the story take no time to grow and develop, however. Ghost stories should be much less direct.” Wes Connors

Cast and characters:

  • Maria Bello as Jean
  • Sophie Nélisse as Molly
  • Callum Keith Rennie as Dave
  • Isabelle Nélisse as Heather
  • Liam Dickinson as Michael
  • Abigail Pniowsky as Helen
  • Cassandra Tusa as Teenage Girl #3
  • Jerni Stewart as Teenage Girl #2

Filming locations:

Principal photography began on the 28th September 2014 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada