AMITYVILLE EXORCISM (2017) Reviews and overview


‘It can happen anywhere’

Amityville Exorcism – aka The Amityville Exorcism – is a 2017 American supernatural horror film directed by Mark Polonia (Land Shark; Sharkenstein; Bigfoot vs Zombies) from a screenplay by Billy D’Amato (Dinosaur ChroniclesGorilla Warfare: Battle of the Apes; NightThirst). The movie stars Marie DeLorenzo, Jeff Kirkendall and James Carolus.


A family must put faith in a mysterious priest when a demonic force, connected to decades-old murders in their home, possesses their daughter…


“This one has it all, if by all you mean drunk dads, a demon who bought his The Masque of the Red Death outfit at the Spirit Store on November 1 so that he got the 50% discount, night for day, day for night, Jeff Kirkendall as a priest, a demon stalking a girl who just wants to go swimming in the middle of the day, said demon attack in the pool intercut with drunk dad weenie roasting, shots that go on way too long, shots that don’t stay on the screen long enough to inform us what is going on within them…” B&S About Movies

“The “demon” is a man in a red cloak and one of those cheap Halloween masks with an elastic string and two staples.  Prosthetic makeup effects look like they were made from hardened cake frosting. I’m not even sure the man playing the father maintains eye contact without looking off-camera in any of his scenes. It was a momentary struggle deciding if “Amityville Exorcism” deserved one star or none.” Culture Crypt

” …as a reviewer, I try to find something redeeming, but it just makes no sense, the cheapness echoes clearly throughout the production. Sometimes scenes repeat themselves, and the movie lacks any enjoyment, no jump scares, weird (not interesting) music and dreadful effects.” The Horror Times

“Made with troupers who obviously won the Hollywood lottery, green-lit with the tone of blackmailing, featuring an implausible binge drinking scene, and giving off a whiff of a rejected student film, Exorcism has a plot element that’s as old as dirt. A young woman gets possessed and a priest must thrust the demons out of her. There’s horrid acting, an opening credits sequence that feels like an 80’s p*rno, some over-stylized direction, and a vibe of unintentional buffoonery.” Views on Film


Amityville Exorcism is being distributed by Wild Eye Releasing.

Cast and characters:

Marie DeLorenzo … Amy Dukane
Jeff Kirkendall … Father Benna
James Carolus … Jeremy Dukane
Austin Dragovich … Robby
Steve Diasparra … Father Jonas
Kathryn Sue Young … Bonnie Dukane
Titus Himmelberger … Photographer
Yolie Canales … Mrs Humes
Ken Van Sant … Charles Humes (as Ken Vansant)
Todd Carpenter … Burglar
Claire Young … Daughter
Samantha Young … Daughter

Technical details:

76 minutes


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