Lifeform – USA, 2019 – preview

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‘Sometimes beauty is the beast’

Lifeform is a 2019 science fiction horror feature film written, produced and directed by Max Dementor [as Brian Schiavo] (The Shriven). The movie stars Peter Alexandrou, Virginia Logan and Joe Amato.

Hadrian Beckett, a molecular biologist working to bring his wife, Samantha, back from a brain dead state, creates transgenic super stem cells that are capable of repairing cellular damage.

The cells save Samantha’s life, but Hadrian and Sam discover that she is slowly being transformed into a creature of pure instinct, one that is able to alter the shape of its body at will. Hadrian must find a cure before her sense of identity is completely subsumed by the beast within her…

Main cast:

Peter Alexandrou, Virginia Logan (Robot Revolution; Android Insurrection), Joe Amato, Mark Armstrong, Kate Britton, Adam Cerný, Cosmo, Ken Driesslein, Miranda Kahn, Tatyana Kot, Ree James Merrill, Tom Rowen, Rebecca Kush, Jaclyn Sokol, Raine Thieme, Christina Wood, Chad Ackerman, Nicky Savarese, Joshua Barbour, Cheryl Jacobs.

Filming locations:

Long Island, New York City, New York
New Jersey

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