SEIZURE (2016) Overview


Seizure is a 2016 British crime horror film directed by Jamie Cymbal and Ryan Simons from a screenplay written by the latter. The movie stars Jimmy Allen, Lindsay Bennett and Chris Blackwood.

A young gangster forced into trafficking girls goes into hiding when a deal goes wrong but when the girl unleashes her supernatural curse he must decide between his love for her or running for his life…

Main cast:

  • Jimmy Allen – Dark Beacon
  • Lindsay Bennett –The Dark Field
  • Chris Blackwood
  • Geraden Borthwick
  • Roxy Bugler
  • Kevin Curtain
  • Jamie Cymbal
  • Barrie English
  • David Galbraith
  • Aiste Gramantaite
  • Paul Handford
  • Mark Robbins
  • Ryan Simons
  • Val Tagger
  • Scott Worsfold


In the US, Seizure was released by MTI Home Video on April 11, 2017.