CHUPACABRA TERRITORY (2016) Reviews and overview


‘Some species are best left undiscovered’

Chupacabra Territory is a 2016 American found footage horror feature film written and directed by Matt McWilliams, making his feature debut.

The movie stars Sarah Nicklin (The Haunting of Alice D.The Sins of Dracula, Flesh for the Inferno), Michael Reed (Dark Feed, Exhumed), Megan Hensley (The Crazies), Julianne Tura (Bloody Bloody Bible CampChastity Bites), and Pierre Kennel.


Four friends hike into the Pinewood Forest to find evidence of the Chupacabra, an ancient creature believed to be responsible for the disappearance of four experienced hikers a year earlier.

As they journey deeper into the forest, their innocent search uncovers more than they had ever hoped for, and with it a darkness that threatens to consume their very existence.

One by one they are hunted down, their survival tested, their lives hanging in the balance of fear, friendship, disbelief, and horror…


” …McWilliams deserves some credit for adding more elements into his movie than you would expect (and arguably than he knows what to do with), and his leads at least give us enough personality that you care a bit about what happens to them.” Dark Eyes of London

“Whilst there’s elements here that truly do work and emulate the Blair Witch style terror, the unfortunate, self-centred egos of the characters involved completely undo these moments of brilliance. Because of this, horror fans looking for a serious woodland creature horror will be disappointed…” Horror Cult Films

“This movie has no one to root for (the ridiculous Wiccan character, who features in a lame, ill-timed sex scene, is particularly irritating), no atmosphere and amateurish climactic hysteria capped by the 300th reworking of the closing shot of [REC].” Horrorscreams Videovault

“The film is pretty much your standard run of the mill found footage flick. Not too much shaky camera syndrome which makes it a decent watch. You normal fighting in the woods over directions and found items are all here in a movie that just breezes by.” Horror Movies Uncut


On April 11, 2017, the film was released on Maltauro Entertainment Blu-ray and Invincible Pictures DVD with exclusive interviews with the cast and crew, trailers and more.

In the UK, the film was released on DVD as Lair of the Beast on 22nd August 2016 by 101 Films.

Filming locations:

Lake Hughes, California

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