BLOODY BLOODY BIBLE CAMP (2012) Reviews and overview


‘Heaven is for everyone… except you’

Bloody Bloody Bible Camp – aka Sin – is a 2012 American comedy slasher horror film directed by Vito Trabucco (Psycho a Go-Go; Never Open the Door; Slices) from a screenplay co-written with Shelby McIntyre.

In 1977, a group of young people are massacred at the Happy Day Bible Camp by demented Sister Mary Chopper.

In 1984, another group of teenagers turn up, led by Father Richard Cummings, at the now dubbed ‘Bloody Bloody Bible Camp’. Ignoring warnings from the locals, it is not long before Sister Mary Chopper goes on a killing spree again…

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” … it happens to have one of the greatest slasher villains you’ll see in modern horror. Some of the best scenes are just of this maniac nun, Sister Mary Chopper, being a maniac all by herself. I could watch her singing kids Bible songs while cutting herself with a sharpened crucifix all day.” All Horror

“The acting is very over-the-top, but everyone does a nice job. Reggie Bannister steals the show as Father Cummings and has some really funny lines. And any film that casts porn legend Ron Jeremy as Jesus gets my seal of approval!! The killing scenes are also a lot of fun as we get to see Sister Mary Chopper slice, dice, and puree her way through the cast.” Anything Horror


“This should satisfy its intended audience. It’s an 80s slasher throwback comedy-homage to Friday the 13th and Sleepaway Camp, with a couple of extra buckets of blood and lots of extremely inappropriate catholic-bible-sex jokes.” The Worldwide Celluloid Massacre

“If you like tits, gore, and fart/cock/gay jokes, all wrapped up with a killer nun offing horny teenagers dressed in 80s clobber, you’re sure to love this, and if you don’t, then flick through the Bible instead.” Vegan Vorhees

“It might be easy to dismiss this movie as racist, misogynistic and just plain hateful, but it treats all it’s characters with such disdain, such unbridled disgust that it’s a wonder the filmmakers were able to get through a day of filming.” David Kempski, Splats of Blood

” …as expected a few of the jokes fall a little flat but there are enough in the script of sparking genius that the occasional dud is wholly forgivable. Sin will undoubtedly be a bit of a marmite movie with the viewing public as a fusion of comedy (especially this style) and horror has the potential to be off-putting.” David Wain, UK Horror Scene

Cast and characters:

  • Reggie Bannister…Father Richard Cummings (Phantasm franchise; Spring Break Massacre; Sigma Die!)
  • Tim Sullivan… Sister Mary Chopper / Eugene (director of 2001 Maniacs and sequel)
  • Ron Jeremy… Jesus (Werewolves in HeatAndre the Butcher; One-eyed Monster; et al)
  • Ivet Corvea… Millie
  • Matthew Aidan… Tad
  • Jessica Sonneborn… Brittany (Camp Daze)
  • Deborah Venegas … Jennifer
  • Jeff Dylan Graham… Dwayne (Home Sick)
  • Elissa Dowling… Betty
  • David C. Hayes… JJ
  • Daniel Schweiger… Brother Beau
  • Christopher Raff… Timmy (Jack the Reaper)
  • Chris Staviski… Skunk
  • Jay Fields… Brother Zeke
  • Troy Guthrie… Vance
  • Gigi Fast Elk Porter… Mother Mary [as Gigi Bannister]

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