DARK BEACON (2017) Reviews and overview


Dark Beacon is a 2017 British horror thriller film directed by Corrie Greenop (House Red; Demon Baby) from a screenplay co-written with Lee Apsey (House Red). It Green 13 Film production stars April Pearson (Fractured; Tank 432; Tormented), Jon Campling, Lynne Anne Rodgers, Toby Osmond and Kendra Mei.

Amy Wilcock (April Pearson) loves the married Beth Gadbsy (Lynne Anne Rodgers) with a fierce and tragic passion. When Beth’s distraught husband Christian (Toby Osmond) dies in an emotional intervention, the widow disappears with her daughter Maya (Kendra Mei) into secret seclusion.

Amy tracks Beth down to a distant lighthouse to find her broken and maddened and that the malignant spirit of Beth’s spurned husband will not rest until he takes the surviving trio with him to the grave…

The cuckold was not man enough to deal with the situation while he was still alive and now he wants to harass those poor women from beyond the grave. No wonder his wife went looking for love elsewhere…


“Despite its few flaws, the film never feels cheesy or unwatchable, rather it measures up as an enjoyable viewing that, while not particularly scary, is definitely a well-done psychological twister. Artfully created and with some superb acting and beautiful scenery, Dark Beacon is an intriguing film offering.” Jeannie Blue, Cryptic Rock

Fun Facts:

The film’s working title was Lanthe.

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