THE VOID (2016) Overview


The Void is a 2016 American multi-volume volume anthology series produced by Todd Rodgers and Kevin Machate. It features “some of the best award-winning short films from the horror, suspense, thriller, sci-fi and fantasy genres”.

It should not be confused with the Canadian horror film The Void.

Volume 1 of The Void includes Dystopia St., Dextrocardia, A Dark Night at the Wrong House, Carrier Crow, Status Change, 300,000 Kilometers Per Second, A Birds Nest and Fairy Knowledge.

Distributed by SGL Entertainment, The Void: Volume 1 is currently available on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD.


• David Cave – segment: “Dystopia St.”
• Christine Chen – segment: “A Bird’s Nest”
• Tyler Meyer – segment: “A Dark Night at the Wrong House”
• Rajesh Naroth – segment: “Status Change”
• Brendan Takash – segment: “Carrier Crow”
• Chris Wyatt – segment: “Fairy Knowledge”

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Main cast:

  • Tanner Burke
  • Christine Chen
  • Kyle Conner
  • Adam Duncan
  • Deke Garner
  • Gracie Grenier
  • Del Howison
  • Shaun Lavery
  • Stephan Meyer
  • Stephanie Meyer
  • William Meyer
  • Freya Parker
  • Kambria Porter
  • Amy Ripley
  • Bill Rude

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