PSYCHO COP 2 aka PSYCHO COP RETURNS (1992) Reviews and overview

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‘A bachelor party you’ll never forget!’

Psycho Cop 2 – aka Psycho Cop Returns  is a 1992 (released 1993) black comedy slasher horror film directed by Adam Rifkin, credited as Rif Coogan] (Director’s Cut; The Invisible Maniac; Chillerama: segment “Wadzilla”) from a screenplay by Dan Povenmire (S.C.O.O.B.; Family Guy; The Simpsons).

In a coffeehouse, Officer Joe Vickers, a satanic-worshipping serial killer, overhears Brian and Larry, a pair of white-collar office workers, discussing a bachelor party that they are planning to throw in their workplace for their friend Gary.

Vickers follows the two to their office, and stakes it out in his car (which is full of body parts and demonic imagery) until after hours, which is when Larry bribes the security guard into letting in three strippers. Vickers tricks the guard into letting him in, then stabs him in the eye with a pencil…

The film was released as a Blu-ray + DVD combo on April 25, 2017 by Vinegar Syndrome.



“The setting lends itself perfectly to Dan Povenmire’s script which throws out sex jokes, skin, and a bunch of blood on it’s way to a finish that is an obvious spoof of the Rodney King videotape that was fresh in everyone’s mind when this came out in 1992. Shafer gets to chew scenery at every opportunity and he turns in a pretty fun performance and even gets to take wisecracking to all new heights in the finale…” The Video Graveyard

“Some of the scenes are so well realised that they look out of place in pseudo-entertaining dross like this, and it is even worse when the makers attempt to shoehorn in some LA riots-based subtext. This is most certainly not the movie for subtext of any kind. And it really is very sexist; women in this movie are just objects to titillate, mutilate and then denigrate…” Jamie Carruthers, Gorepress

“Rifkin knows what’s expected of him, and he delivers the goods, adding unexpectedly stylish cinematography from Adam Kane that helps the picture seem classier than it really is. There’s also pronounced comedy scattered all over the effort, with Rifkin diluting the possible intensity of Psycho Cop Returns with wacky performances that often favor bulging reactions to evildoing. The endeavor isn’t especially funny but it’s determined in ways few B-movies are…” Brian Orndorf,

Choice dialogue:

Larry: “Brian, he’s a cop. He shoots at people for a living. Chances are he’s a little bit strange. Just forget about it.”

Officer Joe Vickers: “You act like trash, you get treated like trash. Ho, ho, ho!”

Larry: “Give me a break. This is not Friday the 13th Part Infinity here. If there’s any bodies in here they are not going to fall out on me.”

Larry: “They’re dressed! They’re just dressed scantily.”

Cast and characters:

  • Robert R. Shafer as Officer Joe Vickers/Gary Henley/Ted Warnicky
  • Barbara Niven as Sharon Wells
  • Rod Sweitzer as Lawrence/Larry
  • Miles Dougal as Brian
  • Nick Vallelonga as Michael
  • Dave Bean as Gary
  • John Paxton as Frederick Stonecipher
  • Julie Strain as Stephanie
  • Melanie Good as Cindy
  • Priscilla Huckleberry as Lisa
  • Justin Carroll as Tony Michaels
  • Carol Cummings as Chloe Wilson
  • Al Schuermann as Gus
  • David Andriole as Vinnie the Bartender
  • Adam Rifkin as Man with Video Camera

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