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Crone Wood is a 2016 Irish found footage folk horror film written, edited and directed by Mark Sheridan, making his feature debut. The movie stars Ed Murphy and Elva Trill.


Danny (Ed Murphy) and Hailey (Elva Trill), a young couple who only met the night before, decide to venture into the woods for an adventurous camping trip but within a matter of hours the trip turns sour and they discover that not all of Ireland has abandoned its pagan roots…

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“The atmosphere builds slowly and the pressure is released just at the right time, (without giving too much away) gears are switched on you and its a ride you can’t get off […] Comparisons with The Blair Witch are obvious but its more towards the original Wicker Man that this film looks for its inspiration.” Folanorama

“The two leads are likeable and I think that’s what makes this slightly more enjoyable than a lot of the other indie shaky cam flicks. Playing with Irish pagan cults also endears itself a bit more to me. It’s not wholly satisfying, and it never really feels tense or scary, but it’s enjoyable as a quick and light watch.” Dustin Baker, Letterboxd

While Crone Wood wears its folk horror heritage on its sleeve, credible performances, naturalistic set design and tangible tension rescue it from lazy facsimile […] Equal parts The Blair Witch Project, Kill List and The Wicker Man, with Crone Wood, Sheridan has not only crafted a very worthy addition to folk horror canon, but also one of the most important Irish horror films to date.” Karl Anthony

“It’s quite cheap looking but there’s a lot of positives, some good ideas and the main two are likeable. There’s nothing new to found-footage genre, wish it had a bigger budget.” OSW Review

Filming locations:

Crone Wood, Ireland

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