THE DARK MILE (2017) Overview


The Dark Mile is a 2017 British folk horror film co-produced and directed by Gary Love from a screenplay by Gaby Hull. It stars Rebecca Calder, Deirdre Mullins, Paul Brannigan and Finlay MacMillan.

London couple Louise and Clare (Rebecca Calder and Deirdre Mullins) book a sailing trip in the Highlands to recover from a personal tragedy. The location may be idyllic but soon they are tormented by a black industrial barge that follows them, and by the dysfunctional pagan folk on board…

The film premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival in June 2017.

Main cast:

Rebecca Calder, Deirdre Mullins, Finlay MacMillan, Paul Brannigan, Sheila Hancock, Marcia Rose, Harmony Rose Bremner, Elaine M. Ellis.

Fun Facts:

The film’s working title was Hush Darling.