BROKEN DARKNESS (2017) Reviews and overview


‘The end is now’

Broken Darkness is a 2017 South African science fiction horror feature film written and directed by Christopher-Lee dos Santos. It stars Sean Cameron Michael, Suraya Santos and Brandon Auret.


Eight years after a massive meteor shower, humanity has sought refuge underground. Broken man Sam (Sean Cameron Michael), who has lost all hope after the death of his son, is forced to survive within the underground.

Sam and his trusted friend Troy (Brandon Aurett) along with a young female Rose (Suraya Santos), are thrust on a journey that takes them into the darkest parts of the underground world where they find themselves on the run with a crew of ragtag yet heavily armed rangers.

Hunted by mutated creatures, bandits, and cannibals alike, the trio risk everything to venture back to the surface to find their lost home. Faced with a new impending danger threatening to wipe out the last of mankind’s existence forever they struggle to survive their shattered world…


“Dos Santos tries to incorporate too many genres, into this 110 minute film. Is this a sci-fi film? The early spfx laden scenes of falling meteorites would say yes. Is this a horror film? Creatures drag characters into darkened pipes, so the answer is again – yes […] Broken Darkness tries to cover too much ground and fails to cover any one genre with a focused intensity. The result is that the film, like the title suggests, is a bit broken.” 28 Days Later Analysis

Main cast:

Filming locations:

Johannesburg, South Africa

Fun Facts:

Filmed as Last Broken Darkness