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‘What it wants… is inside you.’

The Hollow One is a 2015 American science fiction horror film written and directed by Nathan Hendrickson (video game developer of Blood II: The Chosen; Aliens vs. Predator 2; Condemned 2: Bloodshot). The Compulsion Films/Abundant Production stars Kate Alden, Jesse James and Chelsea Farthing.

In an isolated farm community, young and hopeful Rachel Wade is sent down an emotionally destructive path after the tragic death of her mother. Forced to leave home by her grieving father, Rachel and her younger sister Anna return years later to find their father missing and the community deserted. The few remaining people are not the same. They seem devoid of emotion, just empty husks controlled by some unknown desire.

Haunted by fractured memories and nightmarish visions of her mother’s death, Rachel struggles to piece together the events leading up to her father’s disappearance. But the search for answers quickly turns into a deadly race for survival. In order to escape, Rachel must face her past and her mother’s dark history and a mysterious figure with sinister intentions…

The film premiered at the Seattle International Film Festival on 27 May 2015. A UK DVD release is scheduled for 4 July 2017.



“As an independent horror entry, The Hollow One is worth a watch if you are looking for atmosphere and a commendably novel plot. As a writer and director, Hendrickson does seem poised to have much to say about heavier psychological themes in genre fare, should he continue to explore them. With some fine-tuning, it would be great to see him delve deeper with his next effort…” Ari Drew, Dread Central

“Heavy on atmosphere, The Hollow One is at times slower than necessary, and the opening scenes seem a touch too idyllic […] With a good concept, a great creature, and an ending that screams sequel. The Hollow One is creepy horror fare that leaves you wanting more.” Carolyn Mauricette, Cinema Axis

“There is a late twist that makes things much more interesting, and the ending is a perfect horror film conclusion, but it’s just not enough to overcome the ridiculous things these characters do. It’s an interesting concept that is buried under mediocre acting and badly written characters.” William Brownridge, Toronto Film Scene

“Sadly squandering what could have been a provocative psychological narrative in favour of an over reliance on visuals, The Hollow One ends up having more issues than Vogue. That said, Hendrickson still gets a chance to flaunt his mastery when it comes to eerie atmospherics and his direction is solidly supported by a cast of committed performers who added some much-needed ballast to the premise.” Scream Magazine

“Writer-director Hendrickson has a strong background in video games, and this goes some way in explaining The Hollow One‘s pacing. In a horror game, pacing is mediated through action sequences. In Hendrickson’s movie little happens to either increase or diffuse tension, and the film’s climax is more a matter of course than a natural progression of events.” Influx Magazine

“I feel the same sort of resonance about The Hollow One as I did about Mike Flanagan’s Absentia. Here is a film where the creepiness exists in the mundane; and there is a slow-burn quality to the film. Though to be fair, Hendrickson’s film amps up the horror quotient quite a lot more than Flanagan’s film did by the end.” Screen Anarchy

Main cast:

Kate Alden, Jesse James (Dead Souls; The Darkroom; The Amityville Horror), Chelsea Farthing, Tony Doupe (FrayedGory Gory Hallelujah), Tonya Skoog, Simon Hamlin, Dawson Doupé, Russell Hodgkinson, Scott C. Brown, Anissa Davis, Richard Carmen, Jason Adkins, Willard Chase, Wayne Burns, Mike Dussault.

Filming locations:

Carnation, Duvall, Snohomish and Seattle, Washington

Film Facts:

The film’s working title was The Darker Path.

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