DEAD SEA (2014) Reviews and overview

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‘It’s feeding time’

Dead Sea is a 2014 American horror film written by, directed and starring Brandon Slagle (The Black Dahlia Haunting; House of Manson), alongside Alexis Iacono, Britt Griffith and Devanny Pinn.


A marine biologist is thrust into the violent paranoia surrounding a town preparing for the return of an impending sacrifice to a legendary serpentine creature, in this case being a giant lamprey, said to have surfaced from Hell during an earthquake…

In the UK, Frontline Home Entertainment is releasing Dead Sea on DVD on 4 September 2017



Dead Sea features a long-forgotten creature which makes for interesting subject matter. Minimalist special effects by Phil Nichols (Bigfoot Wars, 2014; Clinger, 2015), who also did the creature design and effects, are handled well, but the viewer does not actually get to see the serpent except in flashes while it is in the flurry of attack…” Cryptic Rock

“The creature, or as they call it in the film the serpent, is actually rarely seen on camera. They could have gone the SyFy channel route and added really bad CGI, but I’m glad that they chose not to.  Instead they leave a lot of it to your own imagination.  Even when you do get to see it, you never see the whole thing. From Dusk Till Com


Dead Sea is a clever little film that isn’t content with just being your average monster movie but instead throws together elements of monster cinema, mystery, psycho thriller and even horror in the Lovecraftean tradition to create a very tense piece of genre cinema that relies less on spectacle, effects, sudden shocks and gore than on suspense, dramatic build-up and a general atmosphere of unease.” [re]Search My Trash


” …an awesome Sci-Fi thriller movie that I might watch again. I love the way director and writer Brandon Slagle gave us the backstory to this horrific creature. It contains gore, violence, suspense, and lots of screaming.”

“There is tons of blood and a nice amount of action in the film. It plays out similar to a lot of the other creatures  features this week so don’t expect to much of a difference. Still if you are into big monster movies give this a view.” Horror Movies Uncut

dead sea jennifer woods alexis Iacono Tawney Amber Devanny Pinn

Main cast:

Brandon Slagle (The Black Dahlia Haunting; House of Manson), Britt Griffith (Syfy’s Ghosthunters, Ghosthunters International), James Jw Wiseman, Devanny Pinn (The Black Dahlia HauntingTruth or Dare), James Duval (Donnie Darko), Alexis Iacono (The Penny Dreadful Picture Show), Tawny Amber Young, Chanel Ryan (Dracula’s War, Scream Queen Campfire, The Undead), Candace Kita (Circus of the Dead, Coffin, Falling) K.J. McCormick (Syfy’s Ghosthunters) and Frederic Doss.

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