LILITH’S HELL (2015) Overview


Lilith’s Hell is a 2015 Italian supernatural horror feature film directed by Vincenzo Petrarolo (TheFollower) from a screenplay by Davide Chiara (Almost Dead; Phantasmagoria; Endless Dark). The movie stars Ruggero Deodato (director of Ballad in BloodThe Washing Machine; Cannibal Holocaust), Marcus J. Cotterell and Vincenzo Petrarolo.


A pair of young filmmakers tries to work with director Ruggero Deodato to pull off a horror film based on realism. The producer’s family house, where the film is to be shot turns out to have its own secrets, hidden behind the walls.

There are secret chambers and ritualistic ceremonies invoking the spirit of Lilith. She was cursed by God for not obeying Adam in the Garden of Eden. The women in the crew are possessed one, by one and their only salvation is via violent death…


The film was released on DVD in North America on October 17, 2017 by Unearthed Films.

Main cast:

Ruggero Deodato, Marcus J. Cotterell, Vincenzo Petrarolo, Sebastiano Lo Monaco, Federico Palmieri, Danilo Maria Valli, Manuela Stanciu, Elena Croce, Joelle Rigollet, Mattia Rinaldi, Dani Samvis.

Filming locations:

Rome, Lazio, Italy

Trailer (English and Italian audio):

Behind-the-Scenes (Italian audio):

Backstage (Italian audio):

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